BorderLands 3 : Release Date | What’s New | Price | Platform

Brief About BorderLands 3

Borderlands is one of famous ever shooting action game.Maker of Borderlands game has been release final release date of Next Version of BordersLand game.It is Borderlands 3 .

Gearbox Software has been announced date and Game's Trailer in YouTube also.In this game,company said that,They will giving four new heroes is game.Some of the new maps in this game will also be seen.You can also play this game online.Team can also be made.We can also play with  friends.

It seems that the company is giving a lot new.But now we can only wait for it.Even then, we are giving some information that has come to us.

Platform for BordersLand 3 Game

The company is saying that it will give this game the main three platforms.We all know these three platform well.Even then we have put the list below. Check it out.

These three platforms will support the game.Which includes

1.Xbox One

2.PS 4


However, in the PC, the company did not specifically mention which OS will support in the PC.What would be Windows or IOS?So we have to wait for this.

These will support both of them - PS 4 & Xbox One.


Release Date of BorderLands 3

The company has announced the date of the game. That is upcoming September 13, 2019.The company has made this announcement in its website.This is official date. Even then, it is still not decided.If the company makes a new change, we will update it.



What's New In BorderLands 3 Game

Everyone wants to know what will be new in BorderLands3 game.what information we have, we call it.

The company is going to give a lot new.The company will offer a lot new, which includes maps and heroes.But it seems that the company will also give importance to the graphic.This is because seems to be from the company's photos posted on the website.

We put some photos which are uploaded by Company on site.


BorderLands 3 : Release Date | What’s New | Price | Platform

BorderLands 3 : Release Date | What’s New | Price | Platform

BorderLands 3 : Release Date | What’s New | Price | Platform

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