Bombastic Brothers Top Squad Guide & Tips

Bombastic Brothers is amazing action game offer by B.V. The game is based on kill aliens and save planet. In this game, You will get different type of mission and weapons. Also little walkthrough . Also you will get amazing story based mission and heroes in this game.

However, Game also offer many different type of bosses at end of each mission. You need to kill each boss at end of mission to win the mission. If you will fail to kill boss then you will redirect starting of the mission and mission restart from starting. So this is very interesting thing. In addition, Game giving base-building and battler mechanics which make game more amazing .

Now, you will get Bombastic Brothers Top Squad Guide & Tips . Check out Bombastic Brothers Top Squad Guide. This guide helping you increasing your performance in the game and leveling up your level.

Bombastic Brothers Top Squad Guide & Tips

Equip Require Gear to Your Hero

As you level up and unlock mission, You will get different type of gears from the mission. These gears help to make your hero more powerful and skillful. But making powerful, You need to equip these gears to your hero.

Equip Require Gear to Your Hero
Equip Require Gear to Your Hero

To Equip Gear, Go to Heroes Button (Left side of Front Screen) and you will get different type of heroes and according to gears. You can also choose Auto Equip option to equip automatically to your hero.So equip best gear.


Explore World Map More

Best way of earning more coins and gears is that Explore world map more and more. Because world map allow to enter in different act. Each act will give some amount of coins and ex according to act type.

There are two type of act. One is Hard and second is easy. You can choose any of them and play in act.

Bombastic Brothers Top Squad


Also you can choose daily mission and earn coin and gift , Gears from its too. So Go to Explore world map and exploring all acts is one of finest way to earning trophy and coins in Bombastic Brothers Top Squad game.

Upgrade Your Air Ship time to time

Bombastic Brothers Top Squad Game give option to update your air ship with specific amount of coins. You need to some coin to upgrade you ship. These update is very important because it increasing your ship power more and more.

Bombastic Brothers Top Squad tips
Upgrade Your Air Ship time to time

To upgrade to air ship, Just tap on any part from ship and you will get current level and amount of coins to level up. So level up and upgrade ship is very important to every players.

Unlock new Heroes from Heroes Zone

You will get default hero at beginning of game. But as you level up and playing more game, You will need to high power heroes in the game to clear mission.

Bombastic Brothers Top Squad tips


So try to Unlock new heroes from Heroes zone. Because each new hero will give more power and each hero have different skill of attack power. So new heroes are very helping you to win battle in the game.


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