Blade XLORD Guide: How to choose perfect weapons?

There are so many weapons in the Balde XLORD game. Equip good weapons is one important thing in the Blade XLORD game. In this article, you will get a guide on Blade XLORD Weapons.

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Blade XLORD Weapons Guide

By clicking on the weapons tab, You will get Weapons screen. You will see that each unit has the main weapons and also 2 sub-weapons. Keep in mind that only the main weapon has to match the unit.

blade xlord weapons guide

If you have a sword unit, then your main weapon is a sword and the next other two may any from other weapons. There are two things which weapons add to a unit. Namely stats and auto skills.

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Stats: You want to take note that for the first slot the weapon gives 100% of stats to your unit. However, the two sub-weapons only give a fraction of the stats a matching weapon on the subfloor will give 20% of his stats. whereas mismatching ones only give 10%.

Auto skill: As its name suggests, it is automatically active during battle. Also, the same auto skill can stack.

  • Imperial <Element> Assault 1: Incrase attack & magic attack of element allies(slight) – 6%
  • Imperial <Element> Guard 1: Incrase defense & magic defense of element allies(slight) – 6%
  • Imperial <Element> Life1: Incrase HP of element tallies(slight) – 6%

  • Imperial <Element> Assault 2: Incrase attack & magic attack of element allies(slight) – 10
  • Imperial <Element> Guard2 : Incrase defense & magic defense of element allies(slight) – 10&
  • Imperial <Element> Life2: Incrase HP of element tallies(slight) – 10&

Limit Break

Each weapon can be limit broken three times. Each time, you require a duplicate of debt weapon and Zel. If you don’t have a duplicate, you can also limit break items with gold steel, silver steel, and bronze steel. This is based on weapons gravity. Each limit break will increase the weapons maximum level by ten. This is primarily to add more stats to your unit.

Leveling & Selling of Weapons

Always use SSR and SR Unit. Also, use your n and our weapons as fathers or leveling. However you want to take note that weapons summoned by using diamonds or Lord stones will have a green star on their pictures. These sell for an additional currency called the X medals. That you can use to exchange for some pretty decent stuff. So don’t make the mistake of using them as leveling materials.

You want to take into consideration of the weapon types of your main weapons and sub-weapons. This is based on the stats. They will give to your unit and also the auto skills, which affect your whole team. Although, it is recommended to equip and level SS  and S our weapons.

Early game if you are struggling to have enough mono elemental weapons, you can equip R weapons with good auto skills first. Until you find a good replacement.


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