Blade & Soul Revolution Classes Guide

Blade & Soul Revolution Classes Guide: Best Class in the game

At present, there are a total of 4 classes to choose from in the world of Blade & Soul Revolution namely Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, and Force Master. The following details and information for each class to help you make choices.

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Blade & Soul Revolution Classes Guide

Blade Master

Blade Master is a class with a fairly balanced stat and has Block skills like a knight. Blade Master’s defense is the highest (same as Destroyer class) compared to other classes. The Blade Master class isn’t that difficult to play even for beginners.

Chained Skill: Hit the enemy and throw him into the air while launching a spinning technique then throw him back to the ground Shoulder. Charge> Upward Thrust> Rising Eagle> Ascend.

Ultimate Skill: Carry out sword shadow attacks and stab enemies in a barrage.

Party Skill: Summon a sword dance that surrounds a teammate to protect it from enemy attacks.

Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master is the class that has the highest Attack stat when compared to other classes. In addition, Kung Fu Master has the ability to counter (counter) enemy attacks easily. This class is quite difficult for beginners to play.

Chained Skill: Attacking an enemy with the power of his fist then gives a Bleed effect (decreases HP continuously for some time) with his kick. Flying Slam> Swift Strike> Cyclone Kick> Iron Butterfly

Ultimate Skill: Striking eight fists at the enemy + the chance of a Weakness effect for some time.

Unique Skil:  Punching the enemy and then dropping it (giving the Knock Down effect) for later at beaten up.


Destroyer is a class that has the highest Defense stat (same as the Blade Master class) when compared to other classes. In addition, the majority of Destroyer’s abilities can make enemies not move at all.

Chained Skill: Swinging the ax repeatedly at the enemy + gives a Knock-Down effect. Ax Sweep> Upward Block> Piledriver.

Ultimate Skill Change the ax to double-edged and then swing the ax for 15 times in a row

Unique Skill Swinging the ax + gives the Knock Down effect on the enemy then strangles his neck and then throws.

Force Master

Force Master is a class that has unique abilities. He is able to protect the other teammates well (almost the same as the Blade Master). In addition to attacking from a distance, Force Master attacks are AoE (can hit multiple enemies at once).

Chained Skill: Carry out a combination attack between fire and ice all at once from a safe distance. Dragonblaze> Dragonchar> Dragonwhorl> Meteor Shower

Ultimate Skill: Jump into the air to then summon fire dragons and ice dragons who can attack the enemy repeatedly

Party Skill: Give Frost Sheath effects to teammates.

Best Class

So If you want to DPS class then You can choose Force master or kungfu master. If you want to tank then choose destroyer and if you want to balance in the game, I recommend you choose blade master.

So this is Blade & Soul Revolution Classes guide. Still, if you have any doubt, give your comment on the comment box.

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ben shapiro
ben shapiro
4 months ago

I believe that class picking its the most important task to do in B&S cause it has a huge amount of it, so maybe you can get confused if you dont do the right research. This post
is very helpful with that subject and because of it, I love the class I picked (Summoner )