Blade & Soul Revolution Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Get Blade & Soul Revolution Beginner’s Guide & Tips for new players. Guide on Stamina, Codex, Achievement, weapons & accessories, Conquest missions, Classes guide, farming, and shop guide.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an MMORPG game. In this game, you have need to choose your class from different four class. Once, you selected your class, your game journey is started. You have need to do various quest and mission. Also, always try to make your character stronger by equipping weapons and other accessories. Check out Blade & Soul Revolution Beginner’s Guide & Tips. This guide will help you a lot to do missions and boss fights.

Blade & Soul Revolution Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Choose your class wisely

Class is very important in this game. At present, there are a total of 4 classes to choose from in the world of Blade & Soul Revolution namely Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, and Force Master. The following details and information for each class to help you make choices.

 If you want to DPS class then You can choose Force master or kungfu master. If you want to tank then choose destroyer and if you want to balance in the game, I recommend you choose blade master.

You can recover your stamina at town hall or clan hall

By tap on the Heart icon, you will get a stamina option. Stamina is very useful in this game. Every time, when you kill a monster, your stamina will decrease. When your stamina is going to zero, you will no longer get exp and item drop.

The stamina in the blade soul revolution is very important for maximizing and gaining experience. Stamina resets every day at 1,300 servers.BLADE & SOUL REVOLUTION


To increase the speed of your recovery stamina, you can use stamina booster. But, every week, only 7 boosters you can buy from the store. Also, you can use pet pair. This pair will decrease your stamina consumption as well.

Codex can give you extra status when you complete the collectible item

Codex can give you extra status when you complete the collectible item. So try to complete the item as much as you can.

 Blade & Soul Revolution guide

The different types of equipment available to specific classes can be viewed here, as well as collection status. The Codex activates automatically upon obtaining a piece of equipment for the first time. Rewards are available for completing the codex of each grade. Equipment entries activated in the Codex are permanent, regardless of whether or not the item is still owned in your Inventory.

Always do farming with party members

When you’re farming, It doesn’t matter where you’re farming, But make sure that you are in a party. Because, as you see in the below image, 2 players will get an extra 2% extra EXP Boost, 3 players will get an extra 3% extra EXP Boost, 24 players will get an extra 4% extra EXP Boost.

Blade & Soul Revolution guide

If you’re in a 16 player party, so you know you try to create a raid. It doesn’t offer any additional boost.

Keep in mind that if the players are not on your channel, you do not get experienced. They do have to be near you. You can create a party or look for a party depending on where you are at, you can search for an area and ask for a recruit of team members.

I do strongly recommend either creating a party or joining a party in the blade and soul revolution because you get extra experience.

Buy Chest from Shops

The shop in Blade & soul revolution is very important. Even as a free-to-play player. The equipment and the pet tab offers an ad to watch for free and you do get a chest and then the pet chest of the pet.

Blade & Soul Revolution guide

I do recommend buying out the daily silver normal pet and the daily silver premium pet chest for ninety and twenty-five thousand silver.

Upgrade Blue weapons instead of selling its

There is a lot of blue weapons and accessories in this game. You can either sell this to a vendor or you could upgrade it or you could even salvage it.

Blade & Soul Revolution guide

I don’t recommend ever selling your blue weapons or accessories to a vendor. Instead you want to upgrade it and then fix the durability of your higher-level weapons and accessories. You do have the option to salvage your weapons and accessories.

I would recommend you leveling them up first and then salvage them for the maximum rewards.

Complete Conquest missions ie the best way to gain more EXP

Always focuses on gaining experience. The conquest missions are vital for gaining experience. You always want to make sure that you’re doing a conquest mission. They offer a lot of experience silver and a variety of rewards depending on which conquest mission.

Blade & Soul Revolution guide

You can find conquest missions on any map. You can go to the world map and then go to conquest and you can go right to them. I strongly recommend picking up conquest missions and doing them in conjunction with your time to missions or wherever you’re at.

Conquest missions can be turned at any time. You could turn them in at any time and get mid calculation rewards. Even if you don’t complete the conquest mission, you can then quit it and get your experiences over to the point you got and then pick up a new one for the new territory that you’re in.

Claim your Registration Rewards

If you pre-registered for blade and soul revolution, you can go to your overview tab >menu >the Settings > Receive Rewards.

Blade & Soul Revolution guide

If you have a google play account, You will get thousand of pay to win currency.

So this is just a guide on the Blade & Soul Revolution guide and tips. If you have any doubts or questions, Give your comment on below comment box.

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