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Black Desert Mobile: South Mediah Hidden Knowledge, Farming Spot & Black Pearl

Recently, Black Desert Mobile has released a new update with a new region called South Mediah. In this article, you will get a guide on south mediah. Check out the full guide.

If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s GuideBlack Spirit Guideskills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

What is south mediah?

The south mediah is a brand new region in the black desert mobile. You will get much-hidden knowledge there and also a new boss. Such as Barbarian and Abandoned Iron Mines, The Hated Sierre, etc.

Hidden Knowledge in South Mediah

Here is a list of all hidden knowledge in south mediah.

  • Barbarian and Abandoned Iron Mines: Near NPC Noah Akam
  • Refugees of Mediah: Near NPC Nelopole
  • The Hated Sirare: Near Sirare, Altinova
  • Barbarians Occupying Altinova: Near NPC Nelopole
  • Strange Barbarians Symbols: Near NPC Ayur Benkum
  • Tearful Bavapo: Marni’s second lab
  • Mutated Chimera’s Remnants: Marni’s second lab
  • Marni’s Research Journal: Marni’s underground facilities
  • Marni’s Note: Marni’s underground facilities
  • Awakening Bel: Altinova entrance, near beard
  • Kasula Statue: Kasula farm, near Zaramas Kasula
  • Wrapping Up the Day: Tarif, talk with Iman to about interest
  • The Habits of the Manes: Mane’s hideout, Hidden cave
  • A World Covered in Darkness: Hasrah ruins entrance, inside the ruins 
  • Ancient Guardian’s Missing Core: Start from world covered darkness

Farming Sport & CP

Location – Require CP Loots
Iron Mine:  2900 – 3500 CP Till getting Orange Main Weapon Best Map to Farm EQ & Materials
Rogue Den: 3300 – 3600 CP Shoes
Underground Facility:3100 – 3500 CP Helmet, High Prices Materials 390+, Low Monster – Suggest Offline, For Player Want to Farm Silver
Manes Cave:  3450 – 3800 CP Armor
Lave Cave:  3500- 4000 CP Sub Weapon

Black Pearl Guide

South mediah is also one amazing source of black pearl. If you reach the main quest then you may get around 140 or more black pearl in the game. Here I am going to advise how you can get these black pearl in the south mediah region.

Note: You have at least 3100 or more CP to discover the whole region.

From Amity

It is very beneficial to finish the south mediah region as possible as early. This is because you will get around 7 grand black stone from this region. So get these stone, you have a need to clear all stories one by one.

Also, you will get many purple stones by completing the quest in this region. Keep in mind that there are many farming locations in the game. So I recommend you always go with an empty bag or remove the unnecessary items from your bag before going into this region.

You will get your first 250 black pearl by doing brand new amity quest in the south mediah region. There are a total of 4 NPC. Namely, Neruda Shen( Altinova), Ahonia Kirus( Tarif), Nelopole( Altinova) and Maudi  Budar( Altinova). Each has 50 BP. However, some amity comes with an empty quest.

black desert mobile south mediah

But you can get their amity by use of the stamina potion. You can get stamina from the current ongoing event called ” wish marble”.

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