Black Desert Mobile Witch Class

Black Desert Mobile Witch Class Guide & Skill Build

The witch is one female class in the black desert mobile game. This is a full guide of the witch such as best witch’s PvP skill and PvE skill combos and skill list guide.

If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s Guide, Black Spirit Guide, skills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

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Basic of Witch

The witch is the female class in the BDM. The biggest feature of witch skills is that there are many high-powered long-range attacks. In addition to attacking enemies, it is a class that fights using various sorcerers such as self-defense and recovery of allies and dwarfs, and movement retrieval of allies.

Black Desert Mobile Witch

The Witch is anxious about their defenses and can be killed if they are surrounded by enemies. To avoid being attacked by the opponent, it is necessary to stand around to attack while avoiding it well.

However, keep in mind that there is anxiety about the defense side, it is often defeated by a blow in the boss battle. Fight with consciousness not to get too close to the boss.


Also, In addition, the Witch has many skills that allow you to attack from a distance. Use your magical power offensive and be conscious of defeating without being attacked by enemies

Best Witch PvP Skill Slot

Slot 1 Slot 2
Black Desert Mobile WitchHealing Aura Black Desert Mobile WitchLighting Chain
Black Desert Mobile WitchWhirlwind Black Desert Mobile Witchfrigid fog
Black Desert Mobile WitchThunderbolt Fireball
Black Desert Mobile Witch Dagger stab Black Desert Mobile WitchMeteor Shower

Best Witch PvE Skill Slot

Slot 1 Slot 2
Black Desert Mobile WitchHealing Aura Black Desert Mobile WitchArcane Bolts
Black Desert Mobile WitchWhirlwind Black Desert Mobile Witch frigid fog
Black Desert Mobile WitchFrozen orb Black Desert Mobile Witch Lighting chain
Black Desert Mobile WitchThunderbolt Black Desert Mobile Witch Magical strike

Witch Skill List

Witch Class Skill List
Frigid Fog

Collect cold power and freeze your enemies as they diverge at once.

  • Cooldown Time: 10  Second
  • 175.35% DPS
  • Max 1 Attacks
  • 100% chance to inflict freeze on hit

Throw lightning over a wide area and destroy surrounding enemies.

  • Cooldown Time: 35 Second
  • Charges: 1
  • 60 % DPS
  •  Max 7 hits
  •  Inflict Stun on hit
Arcane Bolts

It continuously blows magic bullets to damage enemies.

  • Cooldown Time: 0.1 second
  • Charges: 1
  • 12 MP cost
  •  Max 9 hits
  • Hold the skill button for continuity for the consecutive attacks.
Healing Aura

Recover HP of allies by skill description magic power.

  • Cooldown Time: 33 Second
  • Charges: 1
  • Apply you and your allies
  • 150 Heal when using skill
Timing Wrap

Help to increase your movement speed.

  • Cooldown Time: 40 Second
  • Charges: 1
  • 60 % DPS
    •  Movement speed increased by 15%

Shoot a strong fire sphere that explodes and damages and burns you.

  • Cooldown Time: 7 Second
  • Charges: 4
  • 60 % DPS
  •  Max 4 attack
  •  Inflict knockback on the first hit
Meteor Shower

Drive a huge meteor rain into the ground from the sky.

  • Cooldown Time: 35  Second
  • Charges: 1
  • 800 % DPS
  •  Max 4 attack
  •  Inflict bound on the first hit
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