Black Desert Mobile : Best Classes guide & Review

There is a total of five classes. But each class has its own power and skills to play. But most of the new players are confused about which class is perfect at starting of the game or late game. In this article, you will get a review of each class and get the best information about class selection at the beginning and as well late game.

In this article, You will get weaknesses and strong points of each class. Also, get which one is best for PvP gameplay.

If you are new in the Black Desert mobile game, I recommend you to check out our Beginner guide to Black Desert Mobile which helps you to understand all about BDM.

Black Desert Mobile Class Review


The giant is an ax-wielding melee class that requires you to get to close range and has a nice amount of CC. It does a lot of spins as you might expect and it does decently well in PvP.

Black Desert Mobile Giant

If you are able to chain CC the enemy together. If a new player & doesn’t know how to PvP. You can simply CC them into the ground and kill them before they give in to anything.

In PvE gameplay, the giant has some longer-range abilities but the problem is is that it has to run from multi camp to Bootcamp. It a lot of the multi camps in the game are close range. But at some points in the game, you’re going to have to do Mobe camps are a little spread out. So overall it is good clas but you have the need for better ping and better gear.

So I do not recommend you to use in PvE giant class at the beginning of the game.


The warrior has a shield and a sword. Also, He has some close range and long-range attacks. I missed a lot of missed attacks though are on a slightly longer cooldown and they take a bit of cost time. So if you go into PvP against somebody that knows what they’re doing or is able to dodge relatively quickly, you’re going to miss a lot of your single target abilities. This is because they’re aimed in a straight line rather than focused on a target. So you’re going to miss a lot of damage.

Also, He has the same problem as a giant. And actually, the game is heavily focused on DPS. Because you need to DPS mobs as fast as you can to kill as many and as you can to obtain as much loot as possible.

So I do not recommend you to use in PvE warrior class at the beginning of the game.


The witch class uses ice fire and lightning in combination to do both AoE and single target abilities. It can freeze and do other effects and it looks really flashy.

Black Desert Mobile Witch

It does bomb relatively fast. I recommend that the witch is the second-fastest farming class and is fine to take as a first-class when you just starting the game.

Also, the witch evolution class is more powerful and comes with more abilities and skills.


The ranger class has quick abilities and animation. Which makes her amazing. So it’s able to shoot from really long-range and can throw it really doesn’t have any clunky animations Keeping it down.

Black Desert Mobile Ranger

There’s a couple of things that this gives you. It makes it the best farmer in the game with the only class being closed at the beginning of the game would be a witch.

It is really good at PvP because it has abilities that shoot really far. So fast that other people can’t generally dodge them. So it does really well at PvP.

It’s so good at PvE and the fact that it doesn’t have long cooldowns or long animations. You’re able to beat bosses that you shouldn’t necessarily be able to be.

The ranger is definitely the class that I recommend over any other class at the beginning of the Black Desert Mobile game.


The Valkyrie is a hybrid between DPS and tank. Also, it’s both using a shield and a sword as well. It’s good a little bit more towards DPS then it is the tank.

Check out  Valkyrie Class Guide & Skill Build which helps to understand valkyrie.

However, this class has the same problem as other Mele classes are that it has to keep running from the problem. There are a lot of people that like the Raged class because it does look quite flashy.

Also, This is no one fully DPS class. So I do not recommend you to choose your first class at starting.


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