Black Desert Mobile : What is Black Spirit Mode?

In the black desert mobile, you will get one BSM- Black Spirit Mode which helps you to boost your loots and gathering resource in the game. In this article, you will get all about information about this mode.

What is the Black Spirit Mode?

The black spirit is everyone’s ally, companion, protector and even an assistant. Talking about an assistant in a black desert mobile,  the black spirit can help you to continue on your adventures when you’re busy. i.e: When you are in sleeping, it helps to gather your resources.

To active your black spirit mode, just tap on the Menu icon and you will get the BSM button at the bottom.

black spirit mode

It is different three option provide by Black Spirit Mode. Such as Auto Hunt, Auto Gather, and auto fishing. Keep in mind that you can activate only one mode from three at the same time for the last 3 hours.

  • Gathering Mode: This mode allows you to do the auto gathering, logging, and foraging while you are sleep or offline. But you have the need enough Energy to activate this mode. This mode works only for 3 hours.
  • Auto Fishing Mode: As the name said that fishing mode allows in the only fishing area. You can’t active this mode where fishing is not allowed. Gathering mode and auto fishing mode allow to you grinding like skills.
  • Auto Hunt: As the name said that this mode helps you auto hunting while you offline.

Black Spirit Mode Tips

Now, I am going to giving a few tips for the black spirit mode. Always remember these tips which help you a lot while you are using the BSM model.

  • Always active any black spirit mode while you are going offline.
  • Each mode work only for 3 hours.
  • You can activate any one mode at the same time.
  • Before active, the BSM mode, spare some space in your inventory.
  • Try to all sell all your junk items and manage your LT.
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Gene Montenegro
Gene Montenegro
5 months ago

Hello, will you still be able to play other family members even it’s activated on the other one?

5 months ago

Hi can you kill the app while on black spirit mode?

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