Black Desert Mobile Warrior

Black Desert Mobile Warrior Class Guide & Skill Build

The warrior is a male class in the black desert mobile. He uses sword and shield as his main weapons in the game. In this guide, you will get all about the warrior guide and skill build of a warrior.

If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s GuideBlack Spirit Guideskills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

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Who is Warrior?

Warrior is a warrior who uses a single-handed sword and shield as a weapon. It balances between attack and defense and is good for melee combat. In addition to powerful sword attacks and efficient shield defense, you can make full use of your own physical abilities, attack the enemy, throw down, and shock waves with your sword. Attacks can. On the other hand, the attack range is not particularly wide, so hunt down many enemies together. The capacity is slightly inferior.

Black Desert Mobile Warrior

He has plenty of skills to close time and possess super armor and has many starting points for attacks. In addition, he has skills such as Pierce to attack while guarding the front and is an excellent class for both offense and defense.

There are many things that are strong in short-range skills. Thrust Battle Spear allows you to attack enemies distant to some extent, so you can play an active part in medium to short distances.

Catch and throw is a super armor technique, but there is a risk of being knocked down after the skill. One fall is fatal in a team battle, so it’s important to check your surroundings before entering a throw combo.

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