Black Desert Mobile Valkyrie Class Guide & Skill Build

There is a total of five classes in the game. One of the best classes is Valkyrie in the game. In this article, you will get all about Valkyrie’s guide and build of Valkyrie’s class in the BDM Game.

If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s Guide, Black Spirit Guide, skills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

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Valkyrie Class Guide

Valkyrie is an avant-garde who can use sacred skills. Using high defense powers, defense buffs, recovery retrieval skills, etc., you can play an active role as a tank (wall role) that captures enemy attacks at the forefront. Because Valkyrie has a different sense of stability, it is a class when You should always take with you when playing interpersonal or group battles. On the other hand, the power to attack is not so scary, The car’s efficiency is somewhat lower.

Valkyrie Class Review 
PvP 4/5
PvE 3/5
Difficulty  3/5
Siege 3/5

Valkyrie Skill List

Valkyrie Class Skill List
The flurry of Kicks  PvP

Kick multiple times to knock-up the target.

  • Cooldown Time: 0.1 Second
  • MP Cost: 5
  • 113.95% DPS
  • Max 4 Attacks
  • Inflicts Bound on the second hit
Severing Light

Perform raOnt slash that cuts through the darkness.

  • Cooldown Time: 0.1 Second
  • Charges: 3
  • 123.19% DPS
  •  Max 5 hits
  •  Inflict Stun on 1st hit
Shield Throw

Gather holy energy in the shield hurt it forward. Inflict damage on multiple targets.

  • Cooldown Time: 5.4 Second
  • Charges: 3
  • 67.7% DPS
  •  Max 6 hits
Sword of Judgment 

Punish target with upper slashes imbued with Elion’s holy power.

  • Cooldown Time: 7.9 Second
  • Last hit deal  289% damage
  • Grant super armor on the last hit 
  •  Inflict daze on the last hit 
Shield Chase

Quickly charges in all directions while staying on guard.

  • Cooldown Time:7.9  Second
  • Charges: 3
  • Grants forward guard while charging
  • Inflict stun on hit
Sharp Light 

Summon the light of Elion and hurt to slash the enemies in front of you.

  • Cooldown Time: 8.9 Second
  • Charges: 3
  • 102.09% PVP Damage per hit
  •  Max 2 attacks
  • Target defense -15 for 4 sec
Glaring Slash 

Gather light in your sword and perform the spinning slash that hits the target in a wide range.

  • Cooldown Time: 18.2 Second
  • Charges: 2
  •  Max 3 attacks

Grapple the target and smash them down to the ground.

  • Cooldown Time: 18 Second
  • Charges: 1
  •  Max 2 hits
  • Grants super armor while using the skill
  • Inflict bound on grab 
  • Kick the target when the grab is not available 
Celestial Spear

Drop the spear of light using Elion’s holy power.

  • Cooldown Time:  14. 5 Second
  • Inflict on bound hit
  • PvP: 50 % chance to bound on hit
Breath of Elion

Use Elion’s breathing to heal yourself and your allies.

  • Cooldown Time:  28.1 Sec
  • Applied to you and your allies
  • Charge 1 
  • Activate when HP lower than 75%
Radiant Charge 

Gather strength and charge relentlessly, knocking back anything your path.

  • Cooldown Time: 11.3  Second
  • Charges: 1
  • Inflict knockdown hit
  • Max 4 hit
  • Grant forward guard while using charging
Elion’s Blessing

Call Upon Elion’s to increase DP.

  • Grant super armor for 7 second
  • Charges: 1
Divine Wrath

Harness’s Elion Holy power to deliver divine punishment through a powerful strike.

  • Inflict daze on the first hit
  • Charges: 1
  •  Max 5 hit
Radiant Smite

Leap forward and strike the ground to unleash Elion’s power.

  • Inflict bound on hit
  •  Charges: 2
Judgment of Light

Gather Elion’s light to rain judgment upon your enemies.  

  • Grant super armor while using the skill
  • Charges: 1
  • Inflict bound on hit
  •  Max 5 Hit
Sword of light

Help to increase sword attack damage.

  • Chance to active shield and kick attack
  • Charges: 1
  • Lateral attack possible
  • Max 4 attack
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