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Black Desert Mobile: How to get Pets & food? – Guide

Pets are very useful in the black desert mobile. In such a way collecting loot, picking up items and supporting the players and in many ways. In this guide, you will get the full guide of the pet in the black desert mobile.

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What is a pet in BDM?

The pet is one supporting animal in your black desert mobile game. This helps you to in collecting loot instead of you, little helping in skill & work as your little elder fighting partner. It totally depends on you that how you utilize pets in the game.

In addition to acquiring items, pets are supports players with skills. Depending on the skill, various effects such as increasing the bag capacity and increasing the experience gained in battle can be obtained.

Each pet has its own health in the game. Sometimes, the pet is hungry. Whenever the pet has become hungry, you have the need to feed them.  When pets become hungry, you will get red circle around your pet icon like the below image.

pet feeding

You have need feeding them and fulfill their hunger by giving pet food to them. Once, the pet gets food, they will come back again and can work for you.

How to get a pet in BDM?

There are many ways that help you to get a pet as your partner. Such as from events, by pearl spending, from quest item.

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Spend pearl & get a pet!

You can spend your pearls to get your best pet in the game. so think carefully before buying. Because are very expensive in the game.

Spend pearl & get a pet!

Always keep in mind that while purchase pets using paid pearls, pack products like possible skills pack are recommended. Check your pet’s skills before buying any pet.

Using spending Silver coins

Spending more silver coins is another way to buy a pet for you. You just need to go to your market>Pearl shop> pet to buy the pet.

Using spending Silver coins

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Events can give you pets!!

There is an opportunity to win a pet box with various event rewards. You can’t choose the appearance, but if you don’t care about it, you can save pearls by waiting for the opportunity to get an event reward.

How to get pet food?

This is a common question asked by all nobles in the game. There are many methods that help you to give food to your pet and you can recovery your pet’s health. We made a list of the best methods to get pet food in the black desert mobile.

Purchase from your market

You can buy pet food from the market. You need to spend your silver coins to get pet food in the game.

Exchange pearls & get foods

You can buy pet food at pearl shops. It is recommended for those who want a large amount of food from the store.

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