Black Desert Mobile tips

Black Desert Mobile : Best 6 Tips You need to know

If you are looking for the best Black Desert Mobile tips then you in the right place. In this article, you will Best very helpful 6 tips for black desert mobile which helps boost your progress in the game. Check out these tips.

If you just new in the game then check out our black desert guide on beginners Guide, Black Spirit Guide, Skills & Combos Guide and PvP Guide.

Black Desert Mobile: Top 6Tips You need to know

Always Use Your Buff Boost in the game

There are several buffs in your game. Such as Normal Combat Buff, Advanced Combat Buff, Combat plus, etc. These buff helps to increase your power in battle.

Black Desert Mobile tips
Always Use Your Buff Boost in the game

But you have to need to buy these buff booster from Shop. So just go to your shop section in the BDM game and you will get all different purchasing options on your screen. You can buy these buff booster by spending your pearl coins.

Don’t Forget to Active your Combat Mode

If you have noticed then in normal playing mode which is by default in the game allow you to use only 5 skill at a time in the game.

To on this mode, You have to need to go to Setting> Convenience mode> Combat mode (Off-on).

Black Desert Mobile tips
Never Forget to Active your Combat Mode

This feature allows you to scroll your all skills. It is 4 by default in the game.  Using this one, you can usee all 8 skill quickly in the game.

Make Different Skills slots for Different playing mode

As you know that games support many playing modes such as PvP, PvE, etc. In addition, each class has different many skills. These skills are providing flexibility and mobility to your class heroes.

There are around 10 to 15 skills for each class. You can equip these skills in your skill’s slot at any time. But keep in mind that there are three equip skill slots in the game. Most of the players are avoiding or forget to use these slots.

Black Desert Mobile tips
Make Different Skills slots for Different playing mode

I recommend you to use these different slots for different playing styles. You can choose each for either PvP or PvE game style. This will beneficial in-game. Because each skill helping you in different game modes.

The skill which is very powerful in PvP, may there are not powerful in PvE. So make sure, you have different slots for different playing.

Complete All your knowledge Chapter in the game

If you’re trying to maximize your gameplay and get the most bang for your buck out of your gameplay, I strongly recommend you complete all of your knowledge.

Benefit of Knowledge

  • After you completing knowledge under each subcategory, you get a combat power stat like max HP attack, etc.
  • There is a current 333 mission in the knowledge. These help a lot to farm and looting.

Increase Your Contribution Points

The main way to increase your contribution points is that do your storyline and complete quest as more as you. Also. you can do an amity quest by going on amity.

You can also order in the market

If you have noticed that sometimes, you have the need for a few items from the market in the game. But at that time, you will not get any specific items which you have wanted.

Black Desert Mobile tips
You can also order in the market

At that time, you can order your item from the market. You have the need to spending more silver coins to do this order.

Once you ordered any item, then you can see your order by tapping the collect order tab.

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