Black Desert Mobile class

Black Desert Mobile : List of Classes

There is a total of five classes in the Black Desert Mobile game. Namely, warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, and Valkyrie. Check out the Brief Intro of each class. This helps you to choose your perfect one class in the black desert mobile game.

If you are new in the game, Check out the Beginner guide and walkthrough of BDM.

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Black Desert Mobile Class List


Warrior is a warrior who uses a single-handed sword and shield as a weapon. It balances between attack and defense and is good for melee combat. In addition to powerful sword attacks and efficient shield defense, you can make full use of your own physical abilities, attack the enemy, throw down, and shock waves with your sword. Attacks can. On the other hand, the attack range is not particularly wide, so hunt down many enemies together. The capacity is slightly inferior.


The magic business specializing in long distances. In addition to attacking enemies, it is a class that fights using various sorcerers such as self-defense and recovery of allies and dwarfs, and movement retrieval of allies, the movement’s speed buff. The ability to hunt against a large number of enemies is outstanding, and the speed of movement will be faster, so you can raise the level without stress. That can be the key to attacking in the battle of interpersonal power. On the other hand, there is a hurdle that the defense force is paper. I have a self-defense litter, but I need to be around to keep the enemy away.


The ranger is a bower who attacks while keeping a distance from the enemy. Although it is not impossible to do close combat with daggers and kicking techniques, it can be said that it is basic to defeat them before the enemy approaches. The ranger has a long-range and a wide attack range. The efficiency of hunting against many enemies is quite high. It is also attractive that the moving speed is fast. Instead, it is relatively weak at close combat and has the disadvantage of being difficult to operate compared to other early classes.


Valkyrie is an avant-garde who can use sacred skills. Using high defense powers, defense buffs, recovery retrieval skills, etc., you can play an active role as a tank (wall role) that captures enemy attacks at the forefront. Because Valkyrie has a different sense of stability, it is a class when  You should always take with you when playing interpersonal or group battles. On the other hand, the power to attack is not so scary, The car’s efficiency is somewhat lower.


The giant is a close combat fighter with overwhelming attack power and high durability. Easy to operate, it is suitable for people who are not good at actions and beginners. A variety of melee range attack skills, such as smashing nearby enemies with a two-handed axe. We are good at fighting against more enemies than one-on-one, and hunting efficiency is quite good. However, keep in mind that there is a drawback that the moving speed is quite slow because of the huge body and heavy equipment.


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