Black Desert Mobile horse taming

Black Desert Mobile: How to taming horse? – Full Guide

Horse Taming is one easy process in the black desert mobile. Most of the new players are confused about the taming of the horse in the game. But here we are going to best guide on how to taming the horse in the BDM.

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Guide on Horse Taming

Before you going to horse taming, you have to need to know that a good with a higher tier can give you various buffs. This thing makes the horse one of the crucial parts of the game.

First get primary material

Before you start the taming of the horse, you have a good camp and a stable horse. Also, you have the need for a few items to horse taming. Such as taming rope and raw sugar.

Raw Sugar & Taming Rope

You can buy these two items from the pearl shop in the game. But it has a need to spend a few real money. However, if you don’t want to spend real money then you have the need to just patience. Wait until you finally reach the quest at Heidel.

Black Desert Mobile horse taming
Melissa Brady

Once you reach Heidel, you need to meet up with Mellisa Brady. She is selling livestock suppliers. You can buy horse taming primary material( raw sugar and horse taming rope) there at a very cheaper price. This is a very easier way to get these items instead of spending real money.

However, there may be other NPC who able to give you a cheap offer than this one. You just need to find them. But this is the best one if you just starting the game.

Find wild horses

This is the second step toward horse taming in the BDM. If you open the world map, it will show you all the places you can visit. When you tap the map info, you have to need to find the location which has a wild horse capture area.

Black Desert Mobile horse taming
wild horse capture area

Once you are in the area, you have to need to open the map again. Try to find the area where the horses are roaming.

Black Desert Mobile horse taming
horse roaming area

If you are not able to find any this type of symbol then go to another place where you will find this symbol. Once, you get this symbol, you can start your horse taming there.

Just tap on horse taming and start horse taming process. You need to throw you roped on the horse to tame it. There is also the chance of failure.

Horse Taming Tips

To increase your taming chance, after you roped the horse, get closer to it by moving the direction pad. Feed the horse with raw sugar.

1 Raw Sugar= 10 % increase chance of taming process.

Once you are confident with your luck, you can start the next rodeo process to control the horse. Once, a taming process is done, you can give your favorite name to your horse.

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