Black Desert Mobile: Guide on Workers | All about Workers!!

Workers are very useful to build your camp in the Black Desert Mobile game. In this article, you will get a basic guide of workers and how to work it and how to get in the game. Check out full guide of workers

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What is Worker in Black Desert Mobile?

The workers are very useful to build your camps in the black desert mobile. When you first time build your camp in the game, you have allowed using 2 workers which are by default by game.

However, you can hire more workers by level up your camp and your characters. You have to need to hire workers from the PUB in the black desert mobile game.

Also, you have to need to spend your contribution point to hire the worker. You can easily earn these points by doing your daily quest, main story quest in the game.

Workers Guide

At the pub, there are always three workers are available which you can recruit. However, you can use the refresh button to see other candidates and rank. You just need to tap on the refresh button and automatically screen will be refresh. Keep in mind that this refresh needs some stamina from your side.

black desert mobile workers

How many you can hire at the same time?

This is another FAQ by a new player.  This depends on your town hall level and the amount of lodging you have and the amount of contribution point you have in the game.


Types of Workers

In the BDM, There is a total of five different types of workers. There are depending on color workers. Here are the priorities of the worker. This priority of highest to lowest.


Max level of Workers

  • Yellow Workers Max level: Up to 50
  • Purple Workers Max level: Up to 40
  • Blue Workers Max level: Up to 30
  • Greem Workers Max level: Up to 20
  • White Workers Max level: Up to 100

Worker’s Stat

Each worker has three different stat namely- vitality, strength, and dexterity. 

  • Vitality: This stat helps you to in resources gathering. As you have a high level of vitality, workers do the fast gathering. Keep in mind that high vitality workers consume less food then lower vitality stat’s workers.
  • Strength: The strength is helping you build. As the worker has a high strength level, workers can build faster.
  • Dexterity: The dexterity is used for crafting. Similar above both, as higher the dexterity stat, crafting speed also high.

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How to Level Up Workers?

It is quite simple to level your worker in the BDM. You just need to send them to different such as gathering. By doing these types of tasks, worked gain more EXP and this thing helps them to level up.

Keep in mind that once, you have max level up any worker in-game, you can promote them to the higher color of workers.  For example: If you have leveled up any white color worker at 100, then you can promote him as a green worker. This whole process needs a contribution point.

Worker Tips

Here are a few tips on Black Desert mobile workers.

  • As you hire townhall, you will able to get more lodgings in the game.
  • These lodgings are helping to get more workers in the game.
  • To get a higher level of workers, you have to need to spend more contribution points in the game.
  • When you just start the game, your main goal is only to reach your TownHall to level 4 and build 2 lodgings in the game. This will allow you to hire 16 workers at the time and you can use them in different work in the game.

So never waste your golden time on crafting, nodes, etc. Just focus on how you can reach TH 4 and get more workers in the game. So it is your main focus on how to getting 16 workers from TH 4.

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