Black Desert Mobile fishing

Black Desert Mobile Full Fishing Guide & Basic Tips

If you playing the black desert mobile around 4 to 5 days, then you probably heard the word ” Fishing” in this game. Fishing is a technique that helps you to catch fish in the game. It’s probably like real fishing in the game.

There is a lot of stuff, you need to know about black desert mobile fishing. Such as what is fishing? , What is the use of fishing? , type of fishing and many more. Get check out fully guide on fishing in the black desert mobile.

If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s GuideBlack Spirit Guideskills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

What is Fishing in the black desert mobile?

Fishing is nothing but catching fish by the rod of fish. You have the need to rod to catch them. You can be fishing manually and as well as automatically. Game providing both features to you.

Black Desert Mobile fishing

  • Manual Fishing: Manual fishing is a method of fishing a fish by playing a mini-game. It takes about 20 seconds on average to catch one fish.
  • Auto Fishing: If you catch a fish, you can switch to auto fishing. If you want to continue auto-fishing, the fish will be picked up automatically.

Benefit of Fishing

There are a few benefits which you can gain by fishing. Such as player EXP, Game EXP, etc.

Fishing helps you to  level up

Yes, it is true that fishing helps you to level up a character in the game. You will get a player and game both types of EXP by doing fishing.

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You can earn experience points even with abandoned fishing, so let’s remember it as one of the means of raising the level.

You will earn silver by doing fishing!

If you pay all the fish on the delivery list that you can check at the fish shop, you will get a total income of about 40,000 silver. The list of fish that can be delivered is the same everywhere, so it is the same regardless of where the fish shop is located.

Usable as Food for the pet

This is one major benefit of fishing in the game. You can use all fishes as food for your pets. Most of the players choose fishing to collect fishes as food for their pets.


However,  it is not efficient to collect by fishing. There are other ways to earn food, and it is easy to earn without the hassle of vegetable gardens. Fishing is not recommended unless the territory is unable to move due to food shortages.

Help to earn CP

You can also get CP by fishing. Fish shop quests can be rewarded by handing caught fish. The more you contribute, the more talent you can hire, so you can run the game more efficiently.

Use BSM mode when necessary

Once, you will reach level 40 in the game, you able to use Black spirit mode to do fishing. Once you active your BSM mode for fishing, you have not to need to worry about your fishing for the next 3 hours.

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7 months ago

How do you use fish as food for your pets? I only see an option to use it as food for workers.