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Black Desert Mobile : Full Amity Guide & Tips | All About Amity

Amity is one amazing feature providing in BDM. It helps you in many things such as earning more rewards, discounts in the package and many more. In this guide, you will get all about the amity guide and tips to do its faster in the black desert mobile.

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What is Amity in the Black Desert mobile?

This is one common question asked by a newbie. The amity is nothing but the relationship between you and NPC in the black desert mobile game.

amiity rewards

The amity is also giving you a few benefits in the game.

  • It helps to earn pearls in the game. You can get different color’s pears in the game by complete the task of amity in the game.
  • Some amity may give a discount on the packages in the game.
  • Some amity may help you to increase your daily reward in the game.

So there are many advantages of amity in the game.

Start Amity Guide

Before starting any amity mission, check how much reward you will get by doing amity and location of amity. To check the location of amity, you will get below the name of amity.

amity in black desert mobile

To know how much reward you will get by doing the amity, just choose any amity and you will get reward information on the left side of the screen.

Once you get the location of your amity, just go to the world map and find your amity location and enter the map to do it.

After entering the map, you have to need to find amity. You will get a list button on the right side of your map. You will get your amity name in this list item. Just select your amity name and go in its location.

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