Black Desert Mobile silver

Black Desert Mobile: Efficient ways to get more Silver Coins & Guide

Most of the new players are confused about how to make more silver coins or how to farm silver in the black desert mobile. To get the answer to this problem, check out the full guide for farming of silver in the black desert mobile.

This guide helps to get all your answer such as how to make silver, the best way to earning silver coins, and many more others.

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What is silver?

The silver coins are the basic currency of the black desert mobile game. It helps you to bring new items and leveling up other buildings or characters. 

There are many ways that help you to earn silver in the BDM. Such as getting silver coins by doing completing quest, sell unnecessary items, by level up of arena and many more.


Best Silver Farming Tips

Sell an unnecessary junky item in exchange

You can sell your junky item in exchange. Keep in mind that the exchange is charged 30% as a commission from sales. So if your item price is 100 silver coin then you will get only 70 silver by selling it.

Try to make sub-character & get silver

Making a sub-character and clearing the main quest again is one way to earn money by selling the reward. Not only can you earn silver, but you can also get a large amount of contribution. This another sub-character helps a lot in the future in such as Earn experience points and rewards, You can challenge the training tower, to Earn a large amount of experience, etc.

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Level up your arena & earn silver coins

As you level up your arena, you will get more silver coins. The reward for reaching level 60 is 3.9 million silver, so I would like to raise it to 60. The arena level will go up even if you lose the game, so try challenging and raising the level.

Black Desert Mobile silver

Below the list of silver coin which you will get by level up you arena in the game.

Level of arena Silver coin – BP
Level 10 300 K Silver -3 Black Pearl
Level 20 500 K Silver -6 Black Pearl 
Level 30 700 K Silver -9 Black Pearl
Level 40 900 K Silver -12 Black Pearl
Level 50 1.1 Milion Silver -15 Black Pearl
Level 60 1.3 Milion Silver -18 Black Pearl
Level 70 1.5 Milion Silver -15 Black Pearl

Never miss completing your daily mission

The daily mission is one simple way to get around 50K Silver coins per day. By doing your dailies in the game, you will get silver coins as your rewards in the game.

Black Desert Mobile silver

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