Black Desert Mobile classes tier

Black Desert Mobile: Classes Tier List – which one is strong?

There is a total of five classes in the black desert mobile. But players are confused at the beginning level which one class is best. So according to this problem, we have made a tier list of BDM Class which helps to understand class.

If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s GuideBlack Spirit Guideskills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

Black Desert Mobile Tier List

First Rank: Ranger

Black Desert Mobile Ranger

Here is a major feature of ranker which is helpful to place ranger at first position in our list.

  • A long-range class that strikes while keeping close contact with the enemy.
  • The long-distance skill of the bow and arrow features a battle style in which the enemy is defeated before approaching, making it possible to use the mobility and fight away from the enemy.
  • In close proximity, you can escape the difficulties with attacks using daggers, but you are not good at short-range battles.
  •  A long-range attack is possible.
  • High firepower and best long-range attack in all classes.
  • High speed and easy auto hunting.

Black Desert Mobile Ranger Class Guide & Skill Build

Second Rank: Witch

Black Desert Mobile Witch

Here is a major feature of ranker which is helpful to place witch at second position in our list.

  • It is a class that can handle sacred power by the blessing of Elian God.
  • It uses its sacred power to inflict divine punishment on its enemies and bless allies.
  • On the battlefield, he excels at combating offense and defense as he can fight and fight.
  •  Able to attack at long range.
  • Skill to wipe out many enemies in a wide area.
  • Recover self-confidence with recovery skills.

Black Desert Mobile Witch Class Guide & Skill Build

Third Rank: Giant

Black Desert Mobile Giant

  • A class that excels at exciting battles that wield huge two-handed weapons and knockdown nearby enemies.
  • It lacks mobility due to its huge physique, but when fighting multiple enemies, it will instantly wipe out its enemies with its overwhelming attack power.
  • This class mainly defeats enemies using exciting skills such as using ranged short-range skills, swinging down weapons, stripping down, and destroying the earth.
  •  All statuses are high on average
  •  Active as a tank on the front line

Black Desert Mobile Giant Class Guide & Skill Build

Fourth Rank: Warrior

Black Desert Mobile Warrior

  • It is a proximity class that uses a one-handed sword and a shield to balance attack and defense.
  • In addition to a powerful one-handed sword, the footwork-based attack is particularly good at hitting enemies or grabbing and throwing a wide variety of hits.
  • In addition, it is a class that excels at steadily leading the battle in an advantageous manner, such as preventing all blows with a shield.
  •  The front role from short range to medium range
  • High firepower
  • Strong against one enemy such as boss battle

Fifth Rank: Valkyrie

Black Desert Mobile Ranger

  • It is a class that has magical power in its body while being a human.
  • Various elements of nature can be extracted by magic and used freely from battle to support. Its power is powerful, it uses natural elements as weapons to wipe out enemies.
  • A brilliant witch can also deliver enough attack power to cause a disaster.
  • From the short distance to the medium distance front role.
  • Defends more than firepower, unlike warriors.
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