Black Desert Mobile arena

Black Desert Mobile: Best Tips to win each arena battle

The arena is giving features to playing a game against multiplayer realtime. This is one amazing feature proving by Black desert mobile. In this guide, you will get the best tips to win each arena matches in the black desert mobile game.

If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s GuideBlack Spirit Guideskills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

What is the arena in the Black desert mobile?

The arena is offering to play PvP matches in the black desert mobile game. Your opponent will find a suitable opponent using the matching system, so even beginners can easily enjoy the match.

As with monster hunting, auto-combat is also possible in the arena. Therefore, even those who do not like interpersonal can easily take on the challenge.

Black Desert Mobile arena

To enter the arena, you just need to go to setting>arena option. Keep in mind that that you must be level 25 or higher to participate.

However, The Arena is available even during automatic hunting and automatic gathering. Use the time left for hunting and gathering in the arena.

The major benefit of Arena

There are many benefits of playing in arena mode. Such as earning more silver coins, getting arena boxes as a reward, etc.

Earning more silver coins

Earn silver as a reward for Arena-level missions. Even if you lose the battle, the level goes up, so let’s take on the challenge.

Silver can be obtained up to 5 times a day as a daily bonus. Five wins give you a total of 6.3 million silver, so it’s best to play every day as much as possible.

Win more battle and get more silver
First-time win 300 K silver
Second win 600K Silver
Third win 900K Silver
Fourth Win 1.5 Million silver
Fifth Win 3 Million silver

Get the chance to win guild bonuses!

If you are in a guild, you will be rewarded according to your guild’s ranking. Guild ranking is determined by the total value of the “Arena scores” obtained when guild members win a match.

I recommend you to join any guild if you are not in any stronger guild.

Chance to get arena box with inbuild rewards

If you win in the arena, you will get the arena box. You can store up to three boxes, but you need to wait a long time or use pearls to open them, so it is good to keep the box open all the time.

The Arena box has five grades, the higher the grade, the more luxurious the reward, but the longer it takes to unlock. Keep in mind that the higher your league, the easier it is to get higher grades.

Tips to win arena battle

Now, It time to get the best tips for the arena battle. Here, I made a few tips according to my gaming experience. If you have any tip then give your comment in the comment box.

Stop Auto combat mode

This is the first tip. In autoplay, monotonous movements increase, so it is easy to lose as a matter of course. If you really want to win, play manually and hone your PVP skills.

Beware of your skill regenerate time

If you enter immediately after the match is over, the game will start with no skills that have not been reused. To be even more secure, wait for the reuse time to recover before starting the match.

Don’t be afraid of battle

If the time is up in the arena, the player with the most remaining health will be the winner. In particular, if you have set recovery skills, consider the option to escape depending on the situation.

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