Black Desert Mobile combat power

Black Desert Mobile: Best Guide to increasing CP- Combat Power?

Combat power is a value that combines the attack power and defense power on the status screen and is an index that indicates the strength of a character. If you want to increase your fighting power, focus on attack and defense.

Get check full Guide on Combat power and everything you need to know about CP in the Black Desert Mobile.

If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s GuideBlack Spirit Guideskills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

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Way to increase your CP in the Black Desert Mobile

There are many such ways that help you to boost your CP in the BDM. Below we have made a list of ways.

  • Gathering more knowledge
  • Increasing BS – Black Spirit
  • Level up skills
  • level up your equipment
  • Collect more pet and tier its
  • Level up your character or class
  • Do more quest and complete daily mission Etc

These are the major way which helps you to increase your CP.

The combat power increases as the character’s level increases. Although there are disadvantages to increasing the level, However, it is the most effective way to increase the fighting power.

Keep in mind that In Black Desert Mobile you will not get rewards if your enemy level is 7 or lower than you. Be aware that too high a level will reduce the number of hunting grounds you can go to.

Every piece of knowledge has its benefits, and each and every effect is insignificant, but if you collect them all you can increase your CP  by more than 200. You can definitely increase your fighting power, so be conscious and collect.

Among the combat strengths, the strength of equipment occupies a considerable weight. If you want to increase your fighting power, first see if you can enhance various equipment!

Uses of CP in the Black Desert Mobile

There is a lot of use of CP in the BDM. You all well know that the higher the CP, the better the fight against the enemy. In addition to being able to advance the adventure quickly, there is also a merit that it is difficult to lose with competition content.


When the fighting power becomes 2000 or more, “release ability” is activated, and many benefits such as increasing attack power and increasing the number of avoidable times can be received. The more combat power you have, the more effects you can get.

Here, You will get a list of abilities that you will get whenever you get a certain amount of CP in the game.

CP Benefit
2000 Increasing attack 100+
2300 Increasing health 100+
2500 Increasing  Defense 100+
2800 Increasing  Defense 50 + & Defense 50+
3000 Increase the number of times you can use avoidance
3300 Critical Damage + 15%  & Critical Damage Maximum + 15%
3600 All series damage maximum + 10%
4000 Critical Chance Max + 5%
5000 Attack +100
5500 All series damage + 5%
6000 Increasing  Defense 50 + & Defense 50+
7000 Attack +100
8000 Health +100
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