Black Desert Mobile Farming

Black Desert Mobile Best Farming Spots

If you are still looking for the best farming guide for Black Desert Mobile. Don’t worry, In this article, you will get the best black desert mobile best farming guide and the best spot in the game where you will get a lot of CP in the game.

Do you want to make more silver coins and get the best loots, rare drops and yellow or orange equipment? Then this guide will provide the best location for farming.


If you are new in the game check out our Beginner’s GuideBlack Spirit Guideskills & Combos Guide, and PvP Guide which helps a lot to understand more.

Farming Guide

When it comes to farming in any game, it is a very very important thing to do. Because farming is only one task which helps you to collect primary resources to level up your gears, items or any character in any such game. Similarly, In the black desert mobile, farming is one of the most important tasks and mainly focusable things.

When it comes to earning more CP in the black desert mobile, most of the new players are confused. They have not good stuff to good locations or spots of best farming. So according to these kinds of people, We have made on a little list of the best farming locations for farming in the Black desert mobile game.

It is very important to farming in the right place. based on your CP and what you want to achieve in the game.

I have played a different game in a different location and based on what we got, we made this list. So it totally depends on you, whether you like these places or no.

Nightmare Mode

If you are looking for best drops loot then this mode will not be offended you. Before you go to this place, keep in mind that BSM mode does not work here. You can farm either online or while sleeping.

If talking about actual gameplay in this place, then you can kill mods easily. There are no higher mobs around you. Also, if you have still 2700 or more CP, you can easily survive these mobs.

If you have played in witch’s chapel then you will notice that potion consumption rate little bit more then Witch’s chapel. Also, you are able to activate all your drop rate buff with a potential 25% extra drop rate.

Another thing, you have to need to know that this is one PvP map. So there is a bundle of players around you. Also, they able to attack you and similarly, you can also attack them. The total capacity of this map is up to 100. There is a total of 100 players at the same time and you can play with them.

Each player has just 5 minutes to survive here. If you will kill mobs or other online players then more time limit will be added automatically. So you can survive here by killing more players or mobs based on your performance.

Here Few tips which help you to survive in the Nightmare Mode

    • Always try to hunt with your strong guild members. To find these guild members, you will find them on the map which has a blue dot.
    • You can not attack guild members. So always try to work together and defeat enemy guild members.
    • Always take advantage of other player’s sleep. try to farm while other players are sleeping. Because of lower the player, high to the chance of a win.

Final Conclusion

If you want to silver farming and rare loot then the nightmare mode is one perfect location for you. You will get avg rate of 500 to 800 K Silver per hour at here. If you are one who has one powerful guild then this is one perfect location for you.

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Witch’s Chapel

This is the best place where you will silver and can loot farming. The main advantage of this place is that it is providing 100 medium potions whose total worth is around 50,000 silvers and using this you can go BSM for around 3 hours.

Black Desert Mobile Farming

After 3 hours of BSM, I had got amazing loots with the addition of rare drops. However, the Yellow Equipment drop rate is very very rare.

Keep in mind that in the Witch’s chapel, the golden statue rate is very quite good. So you will get easily get silver coins around 600K to 1 million according to your luck.

In addition, You will get other skills books as well and loots from here. Such as Black stones, light stones, condensed energy, etc. These help to increase your CP.

Final Conclusion

If you have 2700 or more CP in the game and want to silver farming, then I recommend you to once try Witch’s Chapel place under BSM(Black Spirit Mode) Mode.

You will get around 2 to 5 Million silver per day under BSM Mode. Because this is one amazing place for casual players or players who have no more time to play an online game hour of the hour but they are want to silver farming in the game.

Cron Castle Patrol Route

If you are thinking, you have always good luck then this place for you. You can try your luck here to find amazing rare loot such as yellow, orange, red equip and few rare gloves as well.

Black Desert Mobile Farming

But before going to this location, you should hunt according to the recommended CP of each location. Also, this drain potions like no places else, 2 hours of online farming took more than 500 medium pots.

Final Conclusion

If you just thinking about silver farming here, then I never suggest this spot. Also, never use BSM Mode here. This location is only for those who want just rare item loots.

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