Black Desert Mobile Guide

Black Desert Mobile: Best Beginner Guide, Tips, Strategies

Black Desert Mobile is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In this article, You will get all about the Black Desert Mobile Beggineer guide and tips which helps you to start the game more easily and helps you a lot in the late game.

Black Desert Mobile game is immense in tasks and quests to do and objectives to complete there are tons of buttons and it can be a bit overwhelming with that. So that I am going to give Best Black Desert Mobile guide to instruct you.

Also, Check out Best 6 Tips for Black Desert Mobile game which helps to boost your progress in the game. Never miss to check out our Horse Taming guide.

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Beginner’s Guide

After Installing the game, You first need to do choose your perfect class in the game. there is a total of five class and you have to need to choose your one.

After you’ve chosen your class, the next screen is customization. This is where you get to choose and make a sexy character. You do get some presets on the Left. Don’t worry if you mess up and you’ll like your character you can change that later.

Black Desert Mobile guide

To change your appearance, you’re gonna want to go to the store> appearance >beauty and you can see you have two different options. You can purchase the seven-day pass for two hundred flat girls for seventy passes for two hundred regular girls.

Classes Tier List

There is a total of five classes in the black desert mobile. But players are confused at the beginning level which one class is best. So according to this problem, we have made a tier list of BDM Class which helps to understand class.



You can see the map on the top left. You can view the map in map mode and in list mode.yYou can also expand the map to get a bigger view and you can also click on the map and it will take you right to that location. You can click on the list and it will take you to that location either one does work.

The lists view option allows you to see all the people in the town and each one of those does offer a different quest or a different item to purchase. So you are going to want to check those out.


You can have up to three pets. Pets do also retrieve your loot and they do have different skills and abilities. You get the possible skill when you get the pet. It is random and these still skills do go from two to five percent depending on the skill and the pet and it is chance-based.

Black Desert Mobile guide

Bonus Effect & Hero Resonance

Above your health bar, you see bonus effects. if you click on that, you can see all buff and bonus effects that you have active in or can’t activate.

Below that, you will see their resonance bonus effect, Gear resonance, and accessory residents. These are accumulated after you’ve acquired Plus 15 on gear, plus 2 or 3 on accessories and you accumulate 1900 CP. They all depend on you. Each different one has a different requirement to are locked. Once you unlock that requirement you do activate that residence.\

The six options next to your mini-map. The below image shows you each of its.

Black Desert Mobile Beginner's Guide

Black Spirit Guide

Black Spirit helps out your whole family. So any alts that you do have in your account that you start stronger. He does also offer to level perks at every five-level. He does give you some perks like Auto Gathering, his spiritual quest to become more rewarding. He does do total dark energy absorption and does increase with that as well.

Black Desert Mobile: Classes Tier List – which one is strong?

Black Desert Mobile Beginner's Guide

Leveling Perk

To Leveling perk, you need to light stones. These light stones do increase by gear score. Such as white, green, blue, purple, orange, etc.

You can also fuse these light stones. You have to at least three of one color to fuse them. To try to upgrade them and his chance-based.

Dark Energy

Dark energy use to level up your black do level him up by feeding him dark energy, essence or weapons-armor or accessories. All do help level him up. As he levels up, he does offer more skills. These skills can be used in combat also.

Dungeon & Rewards


In ruins, You will get two different options such as Create Chamber and Quick Join. In the quick join, you can also select the difficulty of the chamber. These chambers go up to level five and they are combat power-related. You cannot join them if you don’t have the proper combat power.

If you create a chamber, It shows you the available rewards. You can also increase the chamber as well. Then once you create the chamber, you can actually increase the reward modifier. All the way up to times five and that increases the rewards that you receive as well. If you don’t have people that join within 30 seconds, It does fill you with bots and you can then start the match. It’s not the most fun way but you can always get it completed.

Rush Board

The rush board is bosses. You have to order your main questline in order to unlock these bosses. These bosses are based on your combat power. They do start off at difficulty level one and continue to raise them. The higher You get these, the better rewards you will get. You can do auto-repeat or raise the difficulty. Auto-repeat does the same difficulty raise difficulty increases as you go I do recommend doing raised difficulty because you want to constantly be doing the hardest level to increase your possible rewards.

Skills & Combos Guide

Each skill has its own individual skill book. So don’t worry about it. You don’t have to worry focus on level up one skill.

If it’s available to level it up, just level it up. I typically just use all skill books on the bottom right level them up that way.

Black Desert Mobile Beginner's Guide

On the left, you can preview the skills and preview what each skill does with its added benefit and effect. If you hit the plus sign on the left, you can also see what additional benefits you will get when you to level up that skill.

On the right, you can scroll and see all of your skills. You do have about 20 total with passives. You do have about 12 to 15 total again just use all skill books. It does level them all up. You do also have the sub-skills there or right above the skill.

Some of your skills do also have the ability to use branch damage. it’s not all your skills and it’s usually you get two options. So you do want to pay attention and make sure you stack the correct branch damage for your class or for whatever your setup is if.

When you click on skill combos in the middle, you can actually see a list of the skills and the combos. If you do those to an order they do, do add the benefits and efficiency.

If you hit equip skills on the right, you actually have the ability to have three sets of skills. This gives you the ability to have one for PvP, one for boss fights, one for content, etc content whatever the case may be.

PvP Guide

BDM is an offer to Players vs Players – PvP mode to all gamer.  By click on Remoness Button, You will get the PvP section in the game. There are several arenas in the game.

Check out our best guide on the arena which helps to get tips for how to win each arena battle.

Ramoness Arena

This is a 3v3 arena to join that you. Just click on it and then you can either create a team or quick join a team.

Also, You can get the quest and rewards from each arena by winning more and more battles.


I strongly recommend joining a guild. You will get guild quests, guild mileage – which you can use from guild rewards. You do have to get guild skills. As the guild levels up, you will get rewards for doing your guild quests. You can exchange those points in. So I do strongly recommend joining a guild.


Tasks are essentially your to-do list every day. To get to it, it’s in the top right in the overview screen. Once there you do have a daily and achievements tab at the bottom, you will get randomly tasks for every day.

Shakatu’s Gear Shop

This shop will give you the best chance of getting legendary gear for right now. This gear coins from doing quests and daily tasks to spend in his shop. His gear shop it does require the gold coins. Y

ou can hit the auto arrange button on the bottom left and if you turn that on it actually, the father uses any gear that you select it to be used right away with your black spirit to convert.

Workers Guide

Workers are very useful to build your camp in the Black Desert Mobile game. When you first time builds your camp in the game, you have allowed using 2 workers which are by default by game.

However, you can hire more workers by level up your camp and your characters. You have to need to hire workers from the PUB in the black desert mobile game.

Also, you have to need to spend your contribution point to hire the worker. You can easily earn these points by doing your daily quest, main story quest in the game.

What are silver coins?

The silver coins are the basic currency of the black desert mobile game. It helps you to bring new items and leveling up other buildings or characters. 

There are many ways that help you to earn silver in the BDM. Such as getting silver coins by doing completing quest, sell unnecessary items, by level up of arena and many more.

Check out the Full Guide on Silver Coins.

Best Desert Mobile Tips

We already published the article on Best Tips for BDM. Here is the best 6 tips for BDM.

  • Always Use Your Buff Boost in the game
  • Don’t Forget to Active your Combat Mode
  • Make Different Skills slots for Different playing mode
  • Complete All your knowledge Chapter in the game
  • Increase Your Contribution Points
  • You can also order in the market
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We will be playing Black Desert Mobile. Join Our discord and stay tuned for further updates coming December 9th on which server to Join to be with us! Our Guild Name here will be Guardians.
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