Black Clover Phantom Knights tier list

Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List – Powerful Character !

Are you looking for Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List!? Then you are in the right place. Get Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List which helps you to understand who is powerful in the Black Clover Phantom Knights.

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Black Clover Phantom Knights Tier List

Here is list of best powerful characters in the Black Clover Phantom knights game.

  • Zora – Jammer
  • Mereoleona – Attacker
  • Black Asta – Damager
  • Witch Queen – Jammer
  • Kahono – Healer

Zora – Jammer

  • The trap of new techniques can be used.
  • Skills can be used to make a wide range of attacks.
  • The enemy in the range can be determined and inoperable when a paralyzed trap is activated.
  • The enemy in range when a mine trap is activated. give the oversized damage to the disabled and the enemy to attack the attack on-ally 1 body is high, attack power

Mereoleona – Attacker

  • The overall status is high, the attack power is No. 1 among all characters.
  • The overall status is high, the attack power is No. 1 among all characters since it is a character that is also emitted from mage Gacha and can be hit at any time, it is better to use it as a black aster if you use “fragment of fantasy”.
  • Increases attack power and critical rate of self and allies.
  • Hidden attacks are more powerful than other characters.

Black Asta – Damager

  • Hidden Power is higher than other characters.
  • Range attack and buff state are released by technology.
  • Invincible and debuff states are recovered by technology Enemies in the range have a random attack with higher multi-stage attack power than the attacker. Increases secret effect.

Witch Queen – Jammer

  • Jammers and secrets make enemies inoperable.
  • Extremely good as a jammer, such as the inability of the enemy to move, the recovery of HP of allies, and the debuff effect on a single unit.
  • It is worth choosing over other Jammer characters because it can also replace healers.
  • Techniques reduce the critical rate and speed of all enemies. Techniques maximize the recovery of allies’ HP.

Kahono – Healer

  • It is one of the few ★ 5 healers and can be used without inferiority to ★ 5 Mimosa.
  • As a healer, he is more than able to demonstrate his ability, so he can play an active role as the main healer.
  • Healers and defenders are very important in “Dragon Trials”, so evolving them to ★ 6 will make capture easier.

Tier B

Below the list of Tier B characters in the Black Clover Phantom Knights.

  • Charlotte – Jammer
  • Yami – Attacker
  • Grey – Buffer
  • Jack – Attacker
  • Asta(Demon-Dweller) – Attacker
  • Nozel – Attacker
  • Mars – Defender


A wide range of jammers and secrets, giving the opponent’s defense power down. Attack power is as high as an attacker. Additional damage is given to the enemy by the slip effect and counter-effect.

Yami – Attacker

  • Top-class firepower for attackers and singles.
  • Increases firepower and healing power with AOM.
  • Disables attack for a short time. Decreases defense against one enemy.

Jack – Attacker

  • Low-power multi-stage attack on one enemy.
  • It is an easy-to-use character because it has a high attack power among attackers and a wide range of secrets.
  • Some of the attackers do not have a characteristic part, so they are somewhat inferior, but there are occasions where you can play an active role such as “Protecting the Imperial Capital” or “Demonstration of Dreams”.

    Nozel – Attacker

    It is very powerful among attackers, and raising the level of mystery will increase the critical rate of allies.

    Because it often plays an active role in “Dream Tests,” etc., where possible, we want to evolve it to ★ 6.

    Mars – Defender

    It is one of the few ★ 5 defenders that can be used in any quest, so it is a character you want to get by all means.

    Because it has high status and also has self-healing skills, it is comparable to the other ★ 5 defenders, so it will demonstrate its ability as the main defender more than enough.

Tier C

Below the list of Tier C characters in the Black Clover Phantom Knights.

  • Luck – Attacker
  • Fana – Buffer
  • Vetto – Attacker
  • Rill – Extra
  • William Vengeance- Buffer

Tier D

Below the list of Tier D characters in the Black Clover Phantom Knights.

  • Rades – Defender
  • Fuegoleon – Buffer
  • Nero – Attacker
  • Lotus – Jammer
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