Biubiu Tales Ultimate Guide & Tips for new players!

Biubiu tales is one amazing causal based game free to download from play store. The game is based on covering freestyle playing. Get the best guide of Biubiu tales for mission complete,  level up and many more about biubiu tales game.

If you ever played Archero in your life then you may find many similarities in this game such as playstyle of this game and mode of playing. However, the game is amazing and simple to play for all new players. But as you grow up in the game, you may get a few difficulties and to solve these difficulties, we are going to give the best tips and guide for BiuBiu Teles.

Biubiu Tales Ultimate Guide & Tip

Choose Your best skill wisely

It is very important for you to choose your skills wisely. When you start to travel from mission one in the game, you have only your weapon and your armor set. But you as clearing upcoming mission, you will get the chance to choose a skill from different three randomly came skills.

Keep in mind that you can choose any one skill across given three. These three skills which you get on your screen are automatically by the game itself. You can refuse it and regenerate it or request a new one since you will not complete the upcoming a few missions.

When talking about selecting your skill, then I recommend you to think twice before selecting anyone from three. Always remember your last health score. This is because sometimes you have got the chance to increase your lower HP by getting Health skills. But if you have already full health and you are still going to select health skill then it will be totally worthless for you.

So always remember your last health. I recommend you to choose a skill which helps to increase your attack power and weapons-related. Because these skills were very helped me to clearing peach island.

Understand enemies attack & then react on your move

As your further going on level up, you may be noticed that you will get just microsecond to move your next move to prevent enemies attack. Enemies who have weapons and able to target you, those make you alert before target you.

Biubiu Tales guide tips

This is your golden time to move. So it is very useful to make your next strategic move to prevent from upcoming attack. I recommend you to never choose a faster move and never be overexcited. It all about quietness. Move your circle just slower and pass attack by your side.

As you can above image, I understand enemies move then I going on my second move. Always, be ready for the next attack of your and upcoming from the enemies’ side.

Use the wall as cover to prevent attacks

The wall is OP. You can use it is as a cover. It prevents you from enemies’ attacks. But keep in mind that you can’t attack enemies by behind wall. You have to need to go outside to attack enemies.

Biubiu Tales guide tips

Simple wall vs Needle walls

However, all walls are not safe. Some wall comes with inbuild needles. This is very harmful to you and decreases your overall health power.

Claim Your Daily Rewards

This is one simple guide. All know about this tip. But It is important from my side to inform you about this one.

As you know that game giving you rewards such as social login with Facebook and share with FB. However, I have found one issue from the game. This is God’s tip for you if you not want to share it in your FB timeline but still want to rewards.

Biubiu Tales guide tips

I recommend you just click on Shre with the FB button and next you will get the FB Login page. Just hold there a few seconds and Comeback on your home game screen. You notice that rewards have been added to your account.

Also, game giving you monthly login game rewards. When you regular playing the game for the next 30 days. Each day will give you a few rewards.

Upgrade Your Hero’s gears

There are many gears for your hero. Such as equipment, martial and supply.

Biubiu Tales guide tips

  • Equipment: In equipment, there are all items that help to make your character more powerful such as weapons, shoes, clothes, pants, etc.
  • Supply: This is the Supply of the different material lists such as sect leader edict which helps you to add 500 sect contributions.
  • Material: This is a bundle of different pills, skill notes, and stone which help to find the unique item in the game.

You have only one chance to revive yourself

It is true that you can revive yourself if you die. However, this process taking 30 jades. But keep in mind that you can revive yourself only once. Once, you have revived you then next time, when you killed, you have no any option for it.

Save your Jades for future purchasing

Jades are diamonds of this game. You need to save those for future purchasing and use them as a game booster. So stop the spending of jades on unnecessary things such as regenerate your hero in the game when you fail.

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