Chess Rush : Best Heroes Tier List

There are so many heroes are in Chess Rush. But In every player’s mind, One question always rises that Is Upgrade Each Heroes or Use Each hero in Game in Best or No? Are All Heroes are Powerful or No? Or Which one is Best Hero Chess Rush. What about the tier?

So Finally, We have made Fully Tier list for Chess Rush, This Tier list based on Latest Update of Chess Rush game and Patch. We hope well, This Tier list of Chess Rush Definelrty helps you to get a better understanding of heroes and power of them.

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Chess Rush : Hero Tier List


Blue : Decent / Usable | Green : Amazing or Superb | Red : Useless

Strong  Tier

So many Heroes are in-game. But only few are very useful while gaming. So Strong Tier List for Hero in Chess Rush. List Based on latest Update of Chess Rush game.

All these heroes are useful in any comp. But You have must a good level of heroes.

Strong Tier Heroes

  • Guru

Gurru have not any ability to fight. Gurru Loves peace and refuses the fight.  But stlll, Gurru has Jelly specie and Druid class.

So this mean Gurru is very useful to quick level up another druids  using their combos.

  • Misfortune


Misfortune one amazing rider. Casts a shadow pulse that deals 300/450/600 magic damage to enemies within 3 grids and heals allies (including herself) for 300/450/600.

  • General Of War

General of War Fires a high energy beam at a random energy after charging for 3 second. Dealing 400/550/700 magic damage to nearby enemies within 3 grid and stunning them for 1.4 second.

Do not Upgrade level 3.It is useless.

  • Void Doom

Void Doom is amazing warlock. Because When you deploy different voids, 2 voids decreases random’s enemies health by 50%. Also Deal true damage equal to 5-7-9 percent of their max health every second.

  • General Puffer

General Puffer Fires jets of water a 2 random enemies and dealing 150/225/300 damage and reducing target’s armor by 75/150/225 for 20 sec.

  • Sword Dancer

Sword is very useful hero.If you have Level 1 sword dancer then it work DECENT. But after get level 2, it give work amazing.

  • Templar Knight

If you love rider then Templar Knight is very useful to you.

 6 Human

Pros : Very strong late game if positioned well can contest rider, Publishers and warrior.

Cons : Require you to get all humans who lack strong synergy early. Must position your well, requires more game knowledge.

You Must have 6 out of 7 Human


  • You need to “Corner’ your pieces into one of the  corners of the field.
  • Beating late game comps also require some RNG from using Human passive.

Putting 2 front line riders into this comp solves just about all of its problems. Really aim to get Dragoon and Templar since the 2/6 rider bonus was just buffed, but they’re not required.

Warlock Are Amazing

  • All warlock ults are AMAZING
  • 2/4 warlock is super strong for your back line granting them large shields.
  • Can be built at any point in the game since each warlock is strong for their power.
  • Ultimately want to run Misfortune or Void: Doom as they have strongest comps in the game.
  • If running demons you can run all three strong warlocks when you have 9 or 10  units.
  • You should try to have a front-line before you run warlocks though.

Rider : Best Synergy in Game

Pros : Wins every game where you complete Comp.

Cons : Not much room for Unique Unit

  • The hunter version of this build allows you to have a decent early/mid game while still working toward late game synergy.
  • Famine allows you to maintain the undead buff from early game until you get your Misfortune.

  1. Extremely powerful late game.
  2. Only requires 4/6 riders.
  3. Must get The Devourer and Nightingale EARLY.
  4. Can also run Warlock synergy .

Punisher/Demon Warlock

Pros : Can compete with Riders if you position correctly.

Cons : cannot run without getting The Devourer and Nightingale early.

  • Running this comp requires only 7 unit maximum and its even possibly at 6 units with 1 demon missing so you have the ability to pick units from Unique Tier List.]
  • Do not go for 4 warlocks. if you start the game with either of the 2 star warlocks
    replace them with either misfortune or Void: Doom later.
  •  3/6 Sorcerers work pretty well for this comp but aren’t needed at all.
  • 4/6 Riders is mentioned before as well.


Pros : Can compete with Riders if you position correctly. Has a few option to move into late game.

Cons : Pretty weak late game will lose tc most complete comps.


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