Best 9 PUBG MOBILE Infection Mode Tips & Tricks

PUBG Mobile has introduce new amazing Infection mode in which you need to survive and kill zombies. This is one another mode after TDM mode.

There are some tips which help to get victory in This Infection mode in PUBG Mobile. These tricks and tips are awesome and help to increasing your performance in this mode.

Infection Mode is new mode in PUBG Mobile. In this mode, You need to survive as Zombie and also players. Yes, You could play as zombie and as well as player. You will get both chance in one single match. As player, You need to kill opponent zombies and as zombie, You need to kill opponent players by infecting them.

So, both are very very important charcater and you need to knwon tips about this both and all about this mode. Checkout all tips for PUBG MOBILE Infection Mode.

Best 9 PUBG MOBILE Infection Mode Tips & Tricks

Use High Places to Kills zombies

There are so many high spots places or spots in this mode. In these places, you have to be on top to survive and kill zombie players without infecting yourself and also there are many high top spots. Just make sure to use them all.

Use Boosters To Increasing Your Health Again

As you known, Health second important thing, which you need to maintain while playing PUBG Mobile. Without good health, you can’t take fight again enemies. Similar, In PUBG MOBILE Infection Mode, You also need to maintain your health.

booster infection mode pubg
Booster IIn infection mode pubg Mobile

To increasing your health in PUBG MOBILE Infection Mode, Use Boosters. This is only one option to increasing your health or restore health. There are no any health kit or medicine such as painkiller or Energy Drinks. So this is only one way to restore health and always use whenever it needed.

Level Up Your Zombie Level

Yes, Whenever you have convert in Zombie, You can increasing your level by infecting other players.Also you can only up to 3 level on your zombie. You can’t level up more than 3 .

increasing zombie level pubg mobile infection mode
increasing zombie level pubg mobile infection mode

So kill more and more players or enemies to reach max level and use extreme power of Zombie after reached Max level.

Defenders &  Zombies – Both are Important

There are both type of players in one sigle match. First is Defender who try to kill zombies and second one is Zombie player who try to kill Defenders.

Always try to play as both. Becasue both of have differnt style of attacking and surving technique. So it is very very imporant to you to get overview of both.

Also try to establish your own technique for surviving and as well as attackig. Both help to win the mactch.

Defenders Must survive

It is true that defenders or zombies those who survived and last they win the match. You will get final result at end of game who is win the match.

Defenders Must survive pubg mode
Defenders Must survive pubg mode

A, B , C – Best High Places to Survive and Kill Zombies

As we said in Tip 1 that Find HIGH places to kill zombies. Now Here is best three high places which help to surviving easily and kill more and more zombies in PUBG MOBILE Infection Mode.

a b c spots in PUBG MOBILE Infection Mode Tips
A, B , C – Best High Places to Survive and Kill Zombies

So if you still looking for high places then these three are very very awesome and help to you kill more zombies.

Choose Your Best Own Zombie

There are mainly two zombies. Speed Zombie and Stealth Zombie.

choose your zombie infection mode

Both zombie work different and have different kind of abilities and attacking on enemies. Try to understand of both zombies and then choose your favorite zombie for all future matches.

Active Your Booster when Run fast in match

Sometime you will need to run faster to reach to your enemies and kill them. So this mode providing zombie players to booster mode. Using booster, You could run fast for next 6 Second. After end of six second, Your next booster start to generate again. This new booster take 10 Second to complete it.

PUBG MOBILE Infection Mode Tips
Active Your Booster when Run fast in match

Also never wait to pending generated booster. Use it immediate and wait to next booster. So you can use maximum number of boosters.

Always Maintain High Places to to survive

As we said precious tip, High places help more Surviving in this mode. So always make sure to be on top high spots .This is the only way to survive from zombie players and easily kill them to win.

Also high places give to chance aiming on zombies and help you to more new zombies. So that you can kill them more and more.



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