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Battle Breakers : Ultimate Begginer Guide, Tips – 2020 Updated!

When you first get into the game you will get into a tutorial level (surprise) where you will learn a bit about how the game works.

In the tutorial level, you will go through two rooms, in the first room you will just encounter low tier enemies, in the second room you will encounter some low-tier enemies again but once you have cleared the room you will encounter Drek which you have to defeat.

Once you have defeated drek he will just evolve where you then have to try and defeat him again but he will just run away with Drake, Freya, and Razor.

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Early Game guide

“What should I focus on early in the game?”

  • Focus on completing levels that you have yet not completed as they will give you a first-time reward.
  • Try and avoid spending resources/materials on heroes that are not good (heroes that are 4* and lower).
  • Don’t sell resources/materials for gold as they are good to stock up on (l have done that mistake).
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your buildings as they are a vital part of upgrading your heroes. More on this below.

Upgrading Heroes

Early on focus on your starters as they have been buffed a lot and are now quite strong in the late game also. If you have a 6* you can often upgrade without regret and there are a handful of 5* heroes that are viable late game.

Razor: Found in Map SouthWest of 1-2. One of the strongest heroes in the game that scales all the way into the end game. It is recommended that you do at least some levels before going there and also has a full team (5-6 heroes).

razor battle breaker

Zaina: Found in Pit Level 6 – Your early game cleric until you can grab Serra and Celicia, the true top tier clerics.

Freya– Can be found as your first Super Rare Skybreaker Pick Requires 100 LHT_ High Burst Damage.

The Fortnite Heroes – Ramirez, Jess, Kyle, Cuddle Team Leader: Ramirez is obtained by owning a copy of the Founder’s Edition of Save the World. Jess and Kyle are obtained when completing In-game missions in Fortnite. Cuddle Team Leader can not be obtained any longer as of right now.

The first 3 are very strong early and can help carry your team, particularly Jess as a Commander with her turret. Cuddle Team Leader has proven to hold their own into the endgame and can be found as a very useful utility hero, with her AOE stun and her commander ability.

Save the World can NOT be bought or played on mobile or Switch and must be done via PC, Xbox One, or PS4.

Your Starter Hero and Any 6 Hero you manage to pull – Like most Hero Collectors, your starter and 6 * heroes tend to be the strongest overall. This game is no different Use them to carry your team. See the Tier list to see what 6* is better than the other.

Upgrade Information


Level up your hero with hero EXP The level cap is increased via Headquarters upgrade (Building Guide section) and Promote (below).


Promotions are upgrades to a hero that cost gold, essence and power sources. Each promotion allows the hero to be leveled up 3 more times as well as increasing the number of upgrades that can be applied to the hero, such as increasing the maximum amount of elixirs and allowing you to level up their special ability more times.

The maximum promotion level is +10. The promotion level is shown next to the class of the hero.


Spend Gold, Minor Health/Strength Potions, Major Health/Strength Potions, and Mana Potions to upgrade your character’s stats further. Promoting a hero increases this further.


Spend Magicitev Armor Ore, and Weapon Ore to upgrade your characters stats even further Each level requires more ore. Level up the Crystal Forge to increase this further.


Evolutions empower a hero, like promotions, they will cost gold, essence and power sources Evolution empowers the skills of a hero, increasing their effectiveness and sometimes changes their function.

Evolution will also boost the stats of the hero. Evolution will likely be the main use of your essences due to the often high cost of evolving strong heroes.

Some evolutions cost extra resources such as Mysterious Goo or Ceremonial gear these evolutions are usually called supercharges and offer large stat boosts to the hero in place of changing and upgrading their skillset.


Upgrade your hero’s special skill. The text in green is what gets upgraded as you upgrade the skill.

Resources Guide

What are the resources and where do I find them?

There are many resources in BB that you will want to use wisely:

Gems Guide

Obtaining Gems

Gems are the main currency of the game. Gems are primarily found by having your first clear of any level at every star level. The game will flood you with gems early and often.

These do dry up fairly quickly toward the endgame so spend wisely. Gems can also be found in various other places, such as daily login and BP levels.

What should I spend my Gems on?

  1. Money Laundry Chests – Spend 1000 gems for 1500 over 30 days. Best investment for long term playing.
  2. Twice Daily Basic Chests – Spend 25, 507 75, 100 Gems for tickets and hammers.

If you are F2P then I would only recommend buying the Heroic chest as well, as these give you the best value for your gems. If you are P2W then I would mainly spend gems on chest like Heroic chest, Money laundry, Super Magic chest, and the Magic Chest Bundles. Just think before you spend your gems.

Pets Guide

What are Pets and what do they do?

Many Pets are like heroes, they have many different purposes; most pets have some sort of damaging or mitigation abilities such as taking hits for your team or having a high damage output.

Pets can be used once per level (each) and can potentially swing the tide of a fight that’s going poorly by offering a bit of utility to your team. Pets cannot be upgraded and scale with you.

Perks Guide

  1. Attack: Attack (ATK) gives a small flat bonus(2) + a percentage bonus(0,2%) based on the current attack value.
  2. Defense: Defence gains increase with the level of the hero, each point of defense decreases incoming damage by 1 (3 per level + 0 2%).
  3. Health: Each point of health allows the hero to take 1 more damage before death, heroes gain a small flat bonus(10) + a percentage based on their max HP value(0720/0)
  4. Mana: Increases maximum mana by 1 with a 1% bonus, only acquired via leveling the monster pit.
  5. Pet (HP+attack): Improves pet health(2%) and attack(5%)
  6. Basic attack: Improves the power of basic attacks by 2%.
  7. Special attack: Improves the power of auto attacks by 0.5%
  8. Regen: Increases the amount of HP(1 %) and Mana(1%) heroes get on the color match.

How should I allocate perks?

The following orders seem to be the most efficient. Attack > Def > Health > Pet. Some would argue the health early on is important. Special ATK > Basic ATK – Some would argue Basic ATK is better if you heavily auto.

Mid Game guide

What should I Focus on Mid Game?

The midgame of BB is all about overcoming the increasingly challenging content and expanding your roster of heroes such that you can create effective teams that can easily specialize in specific tasks such as a team for fire levels consisting of strong water heroes.

This is the stage of the game where having Mono-Type Teams can be greatly beneficial as it can be more time-efficient to farm for required resources, as well as, obviously, making elemental advantaged fights easier such as using an Earth Mono team in a water area.

You should upgrade new heroes as you find you need to take advantage of their skill set Do not be afraid to level up and try new heroes. Most heroes in the game are “good” and “viable”.

Skybreaker guide

How does the Skybreaker work?

Skybreaker is found in the ‘Quests” tab, from the main screen. There are 3 different parts of the sky breaker The Map, Super Rares and Scans (see pic).

Battle Breakers guide

The Map

The skybreaker map is the most prominent part of skybreaker. There are 20 skybreaker maps, once you have completed all 20 you will loop back to map 1.

As you collect CHTs you will move along the map Each map has 4 nodes costing 100 CHTs to travel to with the 5th costing 500.

Nodes 1-4 will typically offer a choice of 3 Rare heroes and grants 1 LHT and Node 5 Will offer a choice of 3 Very Rare heroes and grants 5 LHTs , the positions of these heroes IS constant and will be the same on every skybreaker loop.(A map 1 hero will always be on map 1).

Super Rares

As you collect LHTs you will slowly fill up the red gauge at the bottom of the map. Once this is full; you will be presented with a choice of 3 Super rare heroes, which, much like the normal map, have a cyclic nature. there are 8 total Super rare choices before loops back to choice 1.

These heroes are extremely powerful so choose Wisely.


Occasionally, you will see items called proximity locators when you see the end of level loot These proximity locators are used to summon common and uncommon heroes which can be wonderful food for your pit or sold for essences and CHTs.

Hammer Chest Guide

Hammer Chests are an additional way to get every resource in the game. Use hammers to open hammer chests and get the rewards. After you finish the chest, you will get a random selection of 3 new chests to choose from.

Top chests to pick f they are available are Rare Gem and Gem Chests, and Hammer Hammer Chests. It is hard to say which chests are best, as it depends on what you need at any given time.

Combat Guide

How does Color Matching work?

As you’ve likely seen in the bottom right of the user interface, while in combat there are 3 slots that will be populated by icons that correlate to the 5 elements of the game.

When in combat you will see a color matching one of the elements (Red Fire, Blue – Water, Green – Earth, Purple – Dark, and Yellow – Light).

The first slot (the largest) is the current active board color; when an ally of the corresponding color acts they will receive a color match bonus, most likely being a portion of mana returned to them and a free heal for a small amount of hp.

If you find that you frequently run out of mana and struggle to regenerate t, attempt to lineup your heroes’ turn with when they will color match.

Team Requirements

Team requirements are the required units present within a team before you may begin a level, for example, if a level requires 1 Earth Hero you cannot enter the level without at east one Earth hero in your currently selected party.

As you progress, levels will progressively require more mono-color teams and more diverse teams with different requirements.

Hero Basic Skills

Each class of heroes has its own basic skill; these basic skills are on all heroes of that class, unlike the uniqueness of special skills.

Special skills can be upgraded in the ancient factory by crafting the training cores made from shadow essences found by defeating bosses. One training will upgrade all heroes of the appropriate.

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