Barbarian Class Guide & Skill – Perfect World Mobile

Barbarian is an amazing class in the perfect world mobile game. Get the best guide and skill of Barbarian class. Also, get each skill guide and what Barbarian’sskill and what is the use of skill.

Many new players are confusing when they start the game. They are confused about class choice. They are in trouble to choose the class in perfect world mobile. So according to this problem, we will give a guide and skill guide for the wizard class in perfect world games. From this guide, you will get either you have to choose a wizard or not.

If you are new in the game, Check out our Perfect world mobile game guide and tips which help you a lot to understand the game.

Before you go on guide and skill, you have to know who is wizards and why you choose him/her as your hero.

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What is the Barbarian Class?

The Barbarian class is one untamed class in perfect world mobile game. The untamed class has the ability to transform him into a beast and unleash his unique and real power. Also, In humanoid form, he has the amazing ultimate power of attacks.

He has one mighty hammer and crushes all coming enemies. Also, stun them.

However, He can turn himself into the beast and protect his family from enemy attacks. In beast mode, his defense is very higher and it is very difficult to crush barbarian while he in beast mode.

Personally, this is my favorite class in the perfect world mobile game. Now, check out the skill and guide of the Barbarian class.

Skills & Guide

Punch & Beast Stomp

Punch is a basic attack on the Barbarian class. It is an amazing skill and deals amazing massive damage.

Beast stomp is where the barbarian smacks his enemies with his mighty hammer.

Slam & Firestorm

In the slam, the Barbarian leaps into the air coming down with his mighty hammer and also slowing his enemies. Firestorm is usable both in humanoid and beast mode.

In the humanoid form, you go in the whirlwind attack swinging your mighty hammer all around you. In beast mode, there will be three flames the circles around you and dealing continuous damage over 12 seconds.

Swing & Onslaught

Swing is an attack that cannot be blocked. It also stuns the enemy for two seconds. Onslaught is only usable in humanoid form and it focusing all your courage and hits the enemies.

Tiger Form & Flesh Ream

Tiger form transforms you into a mighty Tiger. It giving you 550 % t more defense and making you 30% faster. You want to make sure that you turn into Tiger form when you are taking bosses in dungeons. In tiger a form you can taunt the enemies using flesh ring. Flesh ring is guaranteed to hit and make the enemies target you instead of your friends and family.

If you have two tanks at your party, you can split up the tanking using one tank that uses a flesh ring. And the other tank can use flesh ream and a different time thus dividing the damage and make it easier for your healer to heal you.

Devour & Chi Burst

Devour is the second most useful skill in Tiger form. It gives you a 40% damage reduction and deep buffs the enemy’s physical defense. Chi bursts are a cheese skill.  it also makes you invulnerable and increases your attack.

Roar & Fury Swipe

Roar is an AoE stun. If you are in beast mode, it is an AoE taunt and very useful for tanking. Also, in PvP, that stunt can always come in handy.

Fury swipe is useful in Tiger form. Its silences and slows your enemies, while using fury swipe. You are immune to all control impairing effects, watch bosses carefully and use fury swipe to interrupt their casting.

Surf Impact & Tortoise

Surf impact is a gap-closing skill that you use in Tiger form. You also slow the enemy. Tortoise is your second spark skill. It allows you to have a 40% damage reduction that lasts 20 seconds and can be recast once every minute.

Bestial Rage & Inspiration

Bestial rage converts your rage into Chi. It allowing you to use your key skills more frequently. Also, if you have less than half health, you will also get a damage absorbing shield.

In Inspiration, you inspire your allies giving them a buff to their HP and to their physical attack for 30 full minutes.


Armageddon is your third key skill. It sacrificing your HP and your mana. You use that HP and mana to damage all your enemies. It actually does more damage to closer this to you and less damage as it goes away from you. The more HP and mana that you sacrifice the more damage.

Sage Barbarian & Demon Barbarian

Once you reach level 69, you will get two options. EIther choose sage barbarian or demon Barbarian.

The sage form actually buffs your Tiger form and the demon form will buff your humanoid form. As a sage barbarian, you can take more damage and you can do more damage in your Tiger form. Also you can chase faster.

As a demon barbarian, you will do a lot more damage in humanoid form. But you will sacrifice a lot of defense. The demon barbarian is your PvP barbarian.

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Tyler Marshman
Tyler Marshman
9 months ago

I have a level 47 barbarian that blows through Mana like there’s no tomorrow. Now I’ve had this issue on the PC version and fixed with both the hp and Mana charm that replenishes them while fighting. How can I get the same thing on the moble version?

8 months ago

Hi. So I have a level 80 barbarian right now. And got to say that I am pretty Beasty as the class entales. With all buffs I have 40000 hp. I have mostly bit for stats but I have 605 vit and 275 str. You can switch between sage and demon. Havent played pvp yet but I will soon. Also people were saying u don’t dps. It’s a tank class were ment to take damage in doungeons yo. Anyways play your way how u like but I’m satisfied with my way.