Aura Fantasy Beginner’s Guide, Tips, Map & Patrol Mode

If you are a player of Gacha based RPG game then Aura Fantasy is another MMORPG game for you. In this article, you will get aura fantasy guides and tips for players who just started the game.

You will get lots of Summon the legendary heroes in this game. Also, get enjoy hunting hidden treasures in Dungeon quests. Now, without getting late, direct going on Aura Fantasy Beginner’s Guide.

Equipment Guide

There are major four types of equipment in this game. Weapons, Shoes, Shoes, and Accessories. These all equipment shown by its color. Such as Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Orange.

Work of Equipment
Weapons Its increase attack power of heroes
Shoes Its increase defense and HP of heroes
Shoes Its increase defense and HP of heroes
Accessories Its increase attack power, defense and HP of heroes

But new players are still confused about how to get this equipment? You will get this equipment by unlocking the quest. You can also choose the shop to buy them. In addition, when players take part in the Elysia activity, they can get pieces of equipment when they reach level 30 and rode to level 60.

However, Players have to need enhancing with these types of equipment. Players can enhance their equipment by spending money. As you enhance your equipment, the cost of enhancing will be increased.

Runes Guide

Once,  You reached level 23, runes will be unlocked for you. Runes are one of the major parts of this game. It will help you to ATK, HP, DEF and DMG Boost and other heroes. It helps to improve your hero’s power and attributes in the game.

Access “Rune Temple” to craft rune by using Magic Dust and Magic Essence, they can be found in battle and equipment salvage (Dismantle). Rune temple gives you four different types of functions.  Dismantle, Craft, Master Craft (unlocked at level 70) and Upgrade.

When you are crafting the runes, a little amount of EXP will increase your temple level. Keep in mind, as your higher level of the temple, there are more chances of getting more powerful runes. The maximum level of the temple is level 10.

To upgrade any runes, you have to need the same level of three runes at a similar level.

Elysia Guide

Elsia provides you the advance level of dungeon system in the game. You can take advantage of it twice in one day.

There are 11 levels required with the Player’s Battle Rating (BR). Being the leader of the party, the player can select various difficulties based on the party members (Newbie – Normal – Pro) Alicia Party will have a maximum of 5 players.

Keep in mind that each player can use three different types of formations. These formations help you in the fight in dungeons.

Elysia will be covered in fog, the player will have to use their squads to expose the ground behind the fog, treasures, structures as follows, ordinary monsters, as well as elite monsters, can be found. After each floor mission is completed, the player can move on to the next. During dungeon raids, all information (monster defeats, structures found, etc…) will be recorded in Event Bunks, the player can also check their collected Treasures in this Event box.


In this game, you can challenge your self by choosing different difficulty levels of map. There are different lands in this game. Such as Dahl, Dusty Land, Alloy Area, North Emporia, Mystique Realm.

Quick for Different mode

Map Mode Tips
Normal Try to  Drop common equipment and EXP books.
Elite Drop heroes fragments, magic dust and EXP books.
Mage Try to Drop magic dust and ascension material.

Patrol Mode

When you reached level 40, the patrol mode unlocks in the game. To get a higher level of rewards, you need to increase your hero’s level. Because as you increase your hero’s level, the patrol level will automatically increase. And keep in mind that a higher level of patrol mode will give you more rewards in this game.

Aura Fantasy guide tips

Always remember that you can not restore your hero HP while playing patrol mode. Also, you can use the only squad in the patrol mode game. To see the list of enemies, you can switch Squad with suitable Heroes.


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