Astral Chronicles : Best Reroll Guides

Astral Chronicles is an amazing Gacha Game for mobile. There are so many heroes in the game. But new players never known How to Reroll? In this Guide, You will get How to Reroll in Astral Chronicles Gacha game.

Astral Chronicles has been developed by uBeeJoy . In this game, you will get More than 50 legendary heroes of unique personalities. Also  amazing stories in the game.Also game provide more than 200 skills for your heroes. So if you love to gacha game then this is one amazing game for you.

Astral Chronicles : Best Reroll Guide

First of you have to installed Astral Chronicles game on your mobile device. After Installed game in your phone, You have do completed tutorial stuff.  Also You have do to grind to 2/6 .

Astral Chronicles Best Reroll Guide

Now, You need to go to You Setting option for rerolling process. Go to Setting and Logout your current account.

reroll guide
Logout Current Account

After press on Logout and Confirm button, You will get new Start screen again.  And it again ask for you to login  in the game.

Also Remember here. Whenever You enter new name, It will lock for future use. You will not take it again for next use. So always remember this thing while rerolling game.

It will start again same dialogues and story. you can skips also that . Other wise you can also play it again in case if you like story.

Now, You can plays again same story. Once you will get your Best Units then you can connect both account.


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