Armajet Weapons Crafting & Recycling Guide

Most of the players are confused about Crafting and Recycling in the Armajet game. In this article, you will get the best crafting and Recycling guide for Armajet Weapons.

I think you’ve got the skills, kills and many of the guns. Ultimates you need to make bounty hunting even easier as a frequent flyer. You’ve definitely progressed and leveled up as a seasoned pilot.

Armajet Weapons Crafting & Recycling

Get through hundreds of bounties collected you’ve probably noticed a stockpile of common and rare weapon mods for your primary and secondary weapons.

But still, you confused about How to recycling and crafting those weapon mods to get epics and legendaries? 

Keep in mind that both processes cost gold which you’ve been collecting now for some time.  before You go any further, it’s important to know that there are different ways to obtain weapon mods and blueprints depending on your playstyle. Pilots can continue to earn gold currency and bounties through matches and directives.

Also, Other pilots can purchase gold and paragon caches in the dynamic store to unlock limited-time rare and legendary weapon mods.

Armajet Weapons Crafting

Keep this in mind to be as efficient as possible when unlocking various items. our pilot has had his eye on the category 5 thunderstorm epic mod for some time. the epic category 5 can be crafted with the following weapon mod recipe consisting of 4 rare mods.

I will use 5 peppermints for fires to neons and 4 Bubblegums. I have 14 out of 15 required weapon mods and need just one more Bubblegum to complete the craft.

This is where all previously collected common and rare mods come into play. By Clicking into Bubblegum, you see it’s weapon mod recipe notice that it too requires one more Ember in order to craft the last Bubblegum needed for category 5. Once, All are done then you will able to crafting. By press on the Craft button, the crafting process will be started.

If you having a weapon level of 70 and above is a hard requirement for the category 5 epic mod. With a crafting recipe complete we’re green to craft category 5.

If you are not more satisfied with the crafting, the epic category 5.  So recycling every unused weapon mod for more weapon XP makes sense as he works towards obtaining the Mjolnir legendary.

Purchasing and unlocking any weapon mod in the dynamic store completely bypasses any level restrictions as long as you have the base weapon. In this way, pilots can go from looking 1 to 100 very quickly.

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