Arknights Ultimate Reroll Guide

Arknights Ultimate Reroll Guide & Best 6 star Characters Tier

Are you looking for a Rerolling guideline for Arknights? In this article guide, you will get the best rerolling guide for Arknights game and get an overview of six-star characters in the game.

The process to rerolling in the Arknights

Here step to rerolling in the Arknights. Follow these below steps.

  • Step 1: Clear the tutorials until the game allows you to go to the main screen. You can do it after
    finishing the stage TR-I.
  • Step 2:Go to the top left and click the mail icon, collect all the beginner rewards.
  • Step 3: Head over to Headhunt, and you can start rolling the gacha.

Note: If you are unhappy with the result, simply wipe the game’s data and you can restart. The entire process takes around 10 minutes depending on loading speed.

Rookies vs Normal Banner

The Rookie Banner has a 21 pull limit and guarantees I Six Star Operator on the first 10 rolls. The normal banner only guarantees a Five Star on the first 10 rolls, and costs 600 per roll.

If you want to try for multiple Six Star start. you can do the normal banner and try to luck out a Six Star. and save the guarantee on Rookie Banner for later.

Best Rookies Gacha Tier List

Here is a list of best rookies gacha in the game.


Silverash Guide

Silverash Overview
Class Ranged Guard
Attack Range Ranged Attack only deals of as DMG
Skill 1 After X attacks, the next attack deals bonus damage. Auto Cast
Skill 2 Change into Defending mode. increase DEF. heals self every second. reduce Attack Range, Manual Cast can change back to normal mode at any time.
Skill 3  When active, reduce DEF. greatly increase ATK, Attack Range can attack multiple targets at once and all attacks count as a melee attack (So no 80% ranged attack penalty).Manual Cast.
Support 4/10

SilverAsh is the most OP unit in the game. he does WAY too many things and has many irreplaceable roles. Ranged Guard is the best class in the game. you can use him in nearly EVERY MAP in the game.

Silverash Guide
Silverash Guide

His Second Skill turns him into a Self-healing tank. Self-healing in Arknights is very useful so he has very high tactical value. SilverAsh reduces other Operators’ re-deploy time, currently, no Other character Can do this. SilverAsh reveals an invisible enemy in his attack range. currently, no other character can do this.

Silver-Ash has the most versatile ultimate Skill in the entire game. with a huge range and AOE ability putting nearly every other character to shame. SilverAsh may not be necessary to beat this game. but he certainly makes it A LOT easier. Which is why he ranks number 1 in the most tier.

Final Conclusion

SilverAsh is the most useful unit in the game. He is good in almost every situation and has a very powerful ultimate skill to deal with high difficulty If you plan to play for free or have a very limited budget, SilverASh will make your journey in Arknights A LOT easier.

Exusiai Guide

Exusiai Overview
Class Ranged Guard
Attack Range Ranged Attack only deals of as DMG
Skill 1 After X attacks, the next attack deals bonus damage and becomes triple shot. Auto Cast.
Skill 2 When active, every attack becomes quadruple shot and each shot deals extra damage. Manual Cast.
Skill 3  When active, every attack becomes quintuple shot and increase own ATK. Auto Cast.

Exusiai is a single target damage machine, she attacks ridiculously fast and each attack can be a quad or quint shot. The result is that she can evaporate low armor enemies almost instantly, currently, no other characters come even close to Exusiai in terms of single target DPS when fighting low armor enemies.

arknights Exusiai

Fast Sniper as a class is used on nearly EVERY MAP, and her amazing DPS just destroys most early-game enemies. Exusiai is very strong throughout the entire game. especially in the early game where there are not too many heavy armor enemies.

Her high single target DPS lowers the healing/defense requirement for many maps. Exusiai is also extremely good with support, since she attacks so many times, ATK buff and def debuff are exponentially more effective when Exusiai is damage dealer.

Final Conclusion

Exusiai is my most recommended operator to start with if you O experience in the Tower Defense Genre. She is strong throughout the entire game. and he will greatly reduce your early game difficulty.


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Final HIT
Final HIT
7 months ago

Until a guy with a chainsaw walks up to him.. R.i.p.
Exusiai completely ineffective also against a chainsaw welding Maniac in game. ;D lol
Savage Nearl and Mayer are a pretty sweet combo. Massive damage shockwave exploding robotic puppies that get recycled healing support tank I’m still testing casters for best damage atm.
Chainsaw enemy only weakness low res. Shaw and redcliff are awesome also big n bad just push/pull them off a cliff. ;D like sheilded casters but not effective against chainsaw boss.