Arknights early game guide

Arknights : Things that you need to know early !

There are a few common things that you need to do early before actually starting your game. Get a guide on the early game playing of Arknights game.

Arknights Fully Ultimate Guide & Tips

The Main Story is the primary goal of Arknights. and is the place to farm Elite Materials needed for skill level ups/promotions.

Keep in mind that that the story difficulty ramps up very quickly starting at the latter half of chapter 2. so it is necessary to promote some of your characters in order to progress.

Arknights early game guide

The Annihilation gives you HUGE amounts Of EXP/LMD when you reach a certain amount of kills in each map, the reward for the kill count is Only given Out once.

The Annihilation also drops the amount Of Orundum you can get per week is tied to how many kills you achieved. The Orundum drop limit resets weekly.

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The efficient way to do faster progress in the arkngihts.

Get Stuck on a map> Level up your Operators >Stuck again Operator at max >Promote your Operators

How to powerup your Operator?

There are major three to way to powerup your operator.

  • By Level up cost: Increase ATK/DEF/HP. However there is a level cap for all It: operators, to level them past the level cap, you will need to promote them.
  • By giving promotion: Reset operator level to but does not lower their current stats, meaning they can reach higher Stats with more levels. The promotion also unlocks new Skills, passive bonuses and Sometimes It: increases attack range for the operator. Due to the huge power boost. operators will have their Deployment Cost increased after the first promotion.
  • By level up skills: Increase Skill effectiveness. Nearly all the skills boost at Lv.4 and Lv.7. Leveling skills past Lv.7 of training room in the base and A LOT more material.

Promotion is also expensive

One very common mistake in the early game is to use too many high rarity operators. Due to their high promotion cost. it will significantly Slow down your progression.

The difference between Exusiai and Kroos in the early game is relatively small, because
Exusiai only has 10 more levels than Kroos from the later promotion. Kroos can be 30
levels higher than Exusiai after promotion with the same amount of Sanity used. So if you want to progress a bit smoother in the early game, use a few low rarity characters.

Things that you need to do early

Promoting SilverAsh from Elite 1 to Elite 2

  • Sanity cost for LMD/EXP: 3450
  • Sanity cost for Chips and glue:828
  • Sanity cost for elite materials: roughly 2574
    Total Sanity cost: 6852

With 6852 Sanity, you can level up an entire team to Elite 1 Lv. 35ish with decent skill levels. or you can ha at Elite 2.

Early Game Tips for Arkngihts

Complete All Annihilations

Annihilations give a TON of EXP/LMD on your first clear. Even if you cannot clear the full 400 kills. it still gives A LOT of stuff and it drops Orundum every week.

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So always do Annihilations, especially try to get a good run in and save as auto. You will be doing Annihilation every week because it is your primary gacha stone income.

Don’t Spend Originate Prime on Gacha if you are f2p

You will get the option to buy pro enhancement packs every few levels. These Enhancement packs are SUPER VALUABLE and you definitely want to buy every single of them.

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