Arknights Full Guide

Arknights Fully Ultimate Guide & Tips

Arknights is one amazing RPG game. In this guide, you will get all about Arknights game from beginner guide to everything that you have need to know before starting the playing of Arknights game. Check our full beginners’ guide on Arknights.

If you are just new in the game, never miss to check out our tier list of Arknights which helps to understand Arknights characters in the game.

Beginner Guide

Go to Rerolling First

If you just start the game, then I first recommend you to go for rerolling. Rerolling is a process to help you to get the best Gacha at the beginner. This makes your game stronger at just from the beginning.

Arknights Ultimate Reroll Guide & Best 6 star Characters Tier

In the first limited Gacha that can be drawn after the tutorial, 10 or more stars will have at least one 6 characters confirmed. All 6 Star characters have powerful skills, so if you can get them, the beginning will be much easier.

Classes Overview

There is a total of eight different classes for the player. You can select anyone from these eight. The below table shows all eight classes with brief information about each class.

Arknights List of all classes

  • Sniper
  • Vanguard
  • Defender
  • Guard
  • Medic
  • Supporter
  • Specialist
  • Caster
Arknights Class List & Overview
Arknights Full GuideSniper The sniper makes a physical ranged attack, has a high firing rate and is easy to earn. Superior deployment cost and anti-aircraft attack compared to casters.
Arknights Full GuideVanguard Vanguards are excellent at repelling low-level enemies immediately after the start of battle at a low cost. In addition, there are many characters that have the effect of recovering costs.
Arknights Full GuideDefender Defenders have high physical strength and defense and can suppress enemies in the front. However, their attack power against the enemy is low, so you need to work with other classes as soon as possible.
Arknights Full GuideGuard Guards have a balanced performance and can cope with most enemies. In particular, there are many characters with excellent firepower in close proximity, and some characters have an extremely wide attack range.
Arknights Full GuideMedic The medic will heal allied units within range. There are single recovery and in-range recovery. They have very little defense, so be careful not to break the front.
Arknights Full GuideSupporter Supporters are a type of buff that has a buff to strengthen allies and a debuff to weaken enemies. Because it is used in combination with other characters, you need to carefully consider where to deploy.
Arknights Full GuideSpecialist Specialists are a special type of service. Each character has its own skills. For this reason, it is necessary to think about the operation method for each character, so let’s raise it after understanding how to use it.
Arknights Full GuideCaster Casters perform magical ranged attacks, and deliver high firepower, especially to enemies with physical attack resistance. It is better at handling hard enemies and attacking areas than snipers.

Early game things that you need to do

  • Advance to Episode 2-2 at an early stage. (Improved material availability and efficiency during the day, opening up various functions)
  • The elite of the hand-held character, necessary for the skills training material the check and, Daily incidentally collect during digestion.
  • If you have enough stamina, collect dragon gates and elementary operation records to obtain supplies.
  • If you are in the daily routine, clear 1-12 3 times and 1-1 5 times, then earn CE-1 to CE-5 with the remaining fatigue level.
  • In the event that comes early, you can acquire a large amount of 5 characters and materials, so cultivate a strong character for one formation.
  • Advance to the second map of the battle strategy and defeat as many enemies as possible. (Achievement of target raises the upper limit of combat operations ).

Arknights Tips for Battle

Here are the best tips for Arknights battle.

  • Know your character’s skills and attack range.
  • Identify the enemy’s progress line.
  • Cost is required for character placement.

Know your character’s skills and attack range

The key to Arknight’s battle is the character’s skills and attack range. Skills and attack ranges vary from character to character, so make sure you know the characters that make up the party.

Arknights Tier list – Best Character in game

Some skills are activated automatically in battle, while others are activated manually. Therefore, during the battle, the timing of activating the character skills is also an important point.

Identify the enemy’s progress line.

As you know that, enemies spawning in battle will progress toward their base. The red line that shows the direction of the enemy that appears at that time is also an important point in capturing the battle! Let’s put the character in the appropriate position according to the progress of the enemy.

Cost is required for character placement.

To place a character on the field in battle, you must pay a cost. The cost can be recovered by the passage of time or character skills, etc. The cost required for placement differs for each character, so be sure to grasp the placement cost of the party.

Arknights Skills Guide & Tips

Before you go on Skills guide, you have the need to know about what is a skill in the Arknights?

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqkyzsg9l5n” html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”What are Skills in Arknights?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]Skills are the unique combat skills of characters with 3 or more rarity stars. By activating, it has a powerful effect that changes the battle style of the character. Understanding skills is the first step in using a character.[/sc_fs_faq]

Arknights : Things that you need to know early!

The number of skills to learn differs for each rarity

Characters acquire new skills by refinement, and the maximum is 3 types of 6 stars.

The upper limit of the skill possession is determined by the rarity, except for Amiya, where you can learn 3 types of skills despite the 5 stars.

Arknights Skil Rarity vs Uses
2  or lesser ☆ Don’t remember skills
3 ☆ Up to 1 type
4 ☆ Up to 2 types
5 ☆ Up to 2 types (excluding Amiya)
6 ☆ Up to 3 types

One skill could be used at the same time!

Even if you remember multiple skills, only one skill can be used in one battle. Therefore, you need to set which skills to use before starting the battle.

Which skill to use by default can be set on the skill details screen. Even if you learn a new skill, you will not be able to use it without setting it up.

The setting of the skill used can also be changed on the formation screen before the battle starts.

Arknights Full Guide

Select the skill to use and tap the check button at the bottom right to complete the change. However, changes made here will not be reflected in the default skill usage settings.

Skills cost are required to activate your skill

Activating a skill consumes resources called SC(Skill Cost). Consumed SPs are marked with a mark at the bottom right of the skill icon.

Arknights Full Guide

Always keep in mind that The SC required to activate depends on the skill, and the higher the skill, the higher the required SC. By raising the skill level, you can further strengthen the power, reduce the required SC, and shorten the activation interval.

Types of Skills

There are major three types of skills in the game. Such as Automat skills, manual skills, and passive skills.

  • Automatic Skill: In the case of “automatic activation”, the skill is activated when the required SC is accumulated. Since it is activated on its own, management is easy, but there is a disadvantage that you can not control the activation timing. Also, auto-activation skills are often not very effective.
  • Manual Skill: In the case of “manual activation”, you can activate the skill at any time as long as the required SPs are accumulated. When the icon lights up on the character unit, it is a signal that the skill can be activated. After tapping the character, tap the skill icon to activate the skill.
  • Passive Skills: Passive skills are activated whenever a character is placed on the battlefield. Since there is no required SC and the effect is permanent, SP recovery will not occur if you set a passive skill.
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