Arknights Complete All Classes Guide

Arknights : Complete All Classes Guide

There is a total of 8 different classes in the Arknights game. Below guide on each class and benefit of each class with detailed information.

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Arknights Classes List

There is a total of 8 different classes in the Arknights game. Below the list of all classes.

  • Sniper Class 
  • Supporter Class 
  • Medic Class 
  • Defender Class
  • Vanguard Class 
  • Guard Class 
  • Caster Class 

Sniper Class Guide

The Snipers are long-range physical damage dealers. There are also multiple subclasses under the sniper class. but most of them are Fast Snipers. Fast Snipers have a low cost. and they should be deployed right after vanguard to help defend in most maps.

Vanguard+Sniper combo is usually the best solution at dealing with the first few waves of enemy.

The benefit of Sniper Class

  • Most Snipers have medium ATK with fast attack speed, best for killing low armor enemies.
  • Snipers prioritize enemy drones, which is very important since drones can fly over your operators. ignoring your defense line.
  • AOE Snipers have extremely long range and high ATK, they are useful in the early game.

Supporter Class Guide

Supporters can do many different things. Some Supporters can slow the enemy. Some can summon units and Some specialize in buffs/debuffs. Supporters deal with Arts damage. but their damage output is low compared to Casters.

In general, you should not focus on leveling Supporters in the early game. They are more situational. and not useful until the mid-late game.

The benefit of Supporter Class

  • Can do a variety of things, their effectiveness depends greatly on your understanding of the game.
  • Supporters cost very low, so they can be used as cheaper Casters early on.

Medic Class Guide

Medics heal your operators. and you will generally need 2 medics on most maps. There are 2 types of medics in the game: Single Target medic which has higher healing and longer range. Group medic, with lower healing, Shorter range, but can heal 1 row behind and up to 3 units at once.

The benefit of Medic Class

  • Single target medics are better in the early game with their long reach.
  • Group medics perform better in the late game as their range is more versatile.
  • Medics’ performance differs drastically between each operator. High rarity medics perform A LOT better than low rarity ones, so getting your hand on a good medic helps a lot in the early game.

Defender Class Guide

Defender class operators are used to block enemies and absorb damage. All defenders have the ability to block 3 enemies. Defenders costs around 20 DP and they have low ATK in general.

So you do not want to place them down in the early waves. Ranged enemies will prioritize the last operator you put down. so in most cases, it is best to place the defenders LASI to draw their aggro.

The benefit of Defender Class

  • High HP/DEF With IOW ATK Good for taking damage, not good for killing enemies.
  • Healing Defenders can only block 2 enemies at t SUBSCRIBED48K to e them ASAP to get the block 3.

Vanguard Class Guide

Vanguards are low-cost units you can deploy early. All vanguards have some way of gaining extra DP- Deployment Points. or DP is the resource you need to place down operators. In general, you Start each Stage with very little DP.

So you cannot place down high DPS units right away. Vanguards are your first line Of defense against early waves. as II as DP builder to help transition into more powerful operators.

The benefit of Vanguard Class

  • LOW HP/ATK/DEF Stats With fast attack Speed.
  • Great at killing IOW armor enemies, but they cannot handle elite enemies.
  • Low DP cost for deploy, has ways to generate DP.

Guard Class Guide

The guard class has the most amount of operators and the class is divided into many subclasses. The basic idea is those guards are Melee Damage Dealers. The DP cost for Guards ranges drastically. and their roles differ greatly. Guards are generally used when you need more damage output. but has limited Ranged Spots.

Overall the best guard for the early game is Melantha (the girl on the left), she is very easy to raise character that can take out elite enemies.

The benefit of Guard Class

  • Medium to High Attack power, can deal with medium armored enemies.
  • Most guards have low DEF. but their high HP makes them pretty good at fighting enemy Casters.
  • Ranged Guards are the best subclass in the good Offensive ability and long-range.

Caster Class Guide

Casters deal Arts damage, which ignores enemy DEF but gets reduced by Arts resistance. Most high DEF enemies in Arknights have next to no resistance. so Casters are necessary in order to deal with them.

Casters are also the most expensive units. with AOE casters costing 30+ DP. However. AOE Casters are necessary to clear mobs in the early game, so for most maps, you will want to have at least 1 AOE Caster in the team.

The benefit of Caster Class

  • Casters have high ATK with low Attack speed. Great at killing heavy armor enemy. not so great at killing low armor enemies.
  • Caster has short-range, so be mindful where you place them.
  • AOE Caster is the most effective damage dealer in the early game, focus on raising one AOE Caster will help you progress a lot faster.

Specialist Class Guide

As the name suggests, Specialists do specialized things. I won’t go into too much detail here. but the most notable specialists are the ones that can move enemy positions. Displacement specialists can utilize the environment and insta-kill enemies.

They are very useful when progressing through the early game, when using them correctly it can massively reduce the level required to clear a stage.

All the specialists require you to level up their skills to function properly. Even if you don’t plan to use specialists, at the bare minimum you should level and Rope’s skill to Lv.4 for clearing annihilation mode early.

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