Arknights Best Tier list

Arknights Tier list – Best Character in game

Arknights is one amazing Japanize Gacha RPG game. In this article, you will get the Arknights Best Tier list. Check out the full list of Arknights characters’ tier list.

If you are new in the Arknights game, Check out our full guide on Arknights game.

Arknights S Tier Character

  • Exusiai
  • Schwarz
  • Siege
  • Ifrit
  • Eyjafjalla
  • Mostima
  • Shining
  • Nightingale
  • Hoshiguma
  • Saria
  • SilverAsh
  • Hellagur
  • Chen
  • Blaze
  • Angelina
  • Magallan


Eliminates all low armor enemies. With good drafting, she can also melt down high armors. However, in the Code of Brawl, the very limited ranged slot and enemy armor mean there is not her home field. With Sora, Pramanix, and Warfarin she can eliminate everything.

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She can deal with all types of enemies but can’t be the best choice. The weird range also decreased her generality. However, when the ranged slot is limited and no combos are available, she will show her existence.


Only 6x vanguard. Can replace defenders on the regular map with her excellent stats. Almost unreplaceable in difficult maps with stats check since other vanguards cannot survive/kill on early game.

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Sacrificed attack range shape for overpowered damage and debuffs. Definitely worth to build the battleground for her. However, she requires more limited battleground terrain to make use. Caster team core.

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Semi AoE caster. Best spell damage for both burst and sustained. Caster team core. The most overpower operator so far.


Best AoE caster, a premium alternative of Skyfire. Charges all casters, this will override Ptilopsis’s passive. Most op control in the game, however, requires skill lv 10 to get good cdr, thus not recommended to start with but still nice to have. +1 rating if used in the caster team.


Single target heal is not the meta as long as enemies are doing more and more AoE damage. The possible excess healing makes things worse. Added Physical  armor is good for new players though.”


Spell armor, birdcage, and AoE heal make her op in the late game, however, the higher cost for leveling up and bad 2nd skill lowered her rank for fresh players. Another reason is there are almost no spell damage in the first 4 chapters.


The vertex of the regular defender. However, in regular maps, her stats don’t make sense while siege can face tank almost everything. In extremely difficult maps she will again become unreplaceable if you enjoy the traditional tank heal DPS triangle.


As healers being restricted more and more in difficult maps, healing defenders will be the most outstanding identity. Saria can do almost everything and can appear on almost every map playing an unreplaceable rule. Caster team support.


Best ground AoEwith skill 3, also can act as a defender with skill 2 while starting. Can do anti-air damage. Solid. With high potential, he has shorter redeploy time so he can cast his skill 3 more often than stay in the field.


Outstanding stats with an embarrassing role. The solo guard has a low generality. However, she doesn’t require elite 2 to make all efforts.


Needs a high level and skill level to do things. Hard to utilize for fresh players.


Rare ground spell damage (actually mix damage) with AoE. However, she needs a high level and skill level to be usable. Can charge Meteorite and blue poison. It can be charged by Liskarm.


She is the top of AOE guard, since all of her skills are made for more AOE damage, or dealing grouped enemies. This does not mean she’s bad against a single target, just outstanding on the AoE field. The talent could tank 1-shot hits. With S2 she can do AOE phys damage behind defenders, and her S3 is massive phys AOE but a little hard to control. The animation time may lead to incorrect explosion time than intended/expected.


Need elite 2 to make sense so that not recommended for starting. After elite 2 the decent AoE damage, low cost, and non-caster identity make her much flexible in most conditions.”


Worth to build a whole system around her, but it will be very exclusive with regular comps. Minions shares max summon count with other operators both means she will be much more op when the number of operators is limited and in regular maps, either her minions or some operators cannot be deployed due to limited units on the map. Very flexible because her minions can switch in between physical damage and spell damage.

Arknights A Tier Character

  • Blue Poison: More sustained damage comparing to Exusiai. Free spell damage. Due to historical reasons, she has a lower life than intended. Although her skill 1 works with Chen’s passive, but the promotion is negligible.
  • Platinum: Needs time to warm up. The DPS is lower than Kroos at the same level before that. Needs skill lv 10 to maximize.
  • Grey Throat: Lower alternative of Exusiai. Similar advantages and disadvantages.
  • Meteorite: +1 rank with Chen, best AoE sniper so far. Needs skill lv 10 to maximize. It does worth.
  • Firewatch: Decent after the bug is fixed. Hard to use. Does NOT aim air targets by default.
  • Provence: Somehow a lower alternative of Schwarz, but DPS is at the same level. Melee sniper.
  • Executor: Unique attack range. Decent damage.
  • Texas: Giving free cost when in the team. What makes it better than зима is that you can use this 2 costs to deploy any operator not only vanguards. Battlecry: Summon an Exusiai. Fastest cost regen skill in the game very highlighted in cost restricted maps.
  • Grani: Defensive vanguard. Can deal with small enemies well.
  • Reed: Higher cost than Vigna, but the stats are not outstanding enough, comparing to the cost of resources. She only performances better than Vigna when the enemy’s armor is higher than 1100, which in any circumstances should not be a vanguard’s task.
  • Amiya: Best passives and pure damage. Self-stun and forced retreat are the trade-offs. Free for you.
  • Nightmare: Can do a little of everything, but generally weak. 3 stars level elite 2 background.
  • Skyfire: Decent AoE caster. But the limited attack range and Mostima as complete premier alternative means putting resources on she could be sunk costs.
  • Silence: A single healer and an AoE healer. The drone is so flexible so make her SS tier. But as a single healer herself is just ok.
  • Warfarin: More like a buff-er than a healer. Charges teammate in attack range if enemies die inside. +1 tier with Exusiai.
  • Ceylon: The given value of healing is too conservative. Passive is like nothing.
  • Liskarm: Highest damage defender with decent stats. Charges Meteorite (and many others) as well. Noble ground spell damage. +1 tier if the enemy has high attack speed.”
  • Croissant: Decent as a defender, but the uncontrollable skills make her harder to use.
  • Nearl: Complete lower alternative of Saria. Usable only if more than one healing defender is required. If no Saria exists she will be S tier.
  • Vulcan: Very rare. Unique to use. Good enough stats.
  • Lappland: Noble ground spell damage. Silence and highest DPS (although uncontrollable) are icing on the cake.
  • Franka: Very rare but not strong. As a solo guard, she cannot solo due to her skills. Just dealing DPS needs extreme battleground conditions, such as the Code of Brawl.
  • Indra: Very rare but not strong. Cannot even deal damage as Franka. But really rare.
  • Flamebringer: Hard to utilize, but the stats are decent.
  • Astesia : Noble ground spell damage. Very solid stats.
  • Specter: The only unkillable skill in the game and decent stats. Can tank enemies who one-shots your best defender. Unreplaceable.
  • Broca: Currently No.1 ground spell damage with skill 2. Free stop. Attacks ALL blocked enemies and can be placed behind defender with the +1 attack range. Very good cdr (With ptlopsis have ~50% cover rate). Absolutely worth resources if you are going to deal with heavy armored enemies with casters banned.
  • Savage: At least free to have.
  • Swire: Buff is her only role, but rarely used. She just not worth that deployment, unless other identities are banned.
  • Glaucus: Best anti-air operator.
  • Pramanix: Best armor/spell armor debuff. Decent spell damage. Unreplaceable. +1 tier with Exusiai.
  • Sora: Best battleground showcase. Very cute. Almost bind with Exusiai.
  • Mayer: Acrobatics operator. Worth to build a team around before Magalian released. All damages are physical. Possible sunk costs but somehow different.
  • Manticore: Specialist does not have a Strength.
  • FEater: Specialist does not have a Strength. Comparing to Shaw she can get powerful displacement for skill 2. For skill 1 she has longer attack animation while Shaw has slightly shorter, sometimes it will matter.
  • Cliffheart: Specialist does not have a Strength. It has better damage, but less range comparing to Rope. If you are looking for utility she is not recommended. S
  • Projekt Red: Specialist does not have a Strength. Her skill 1 can also dodge incoming spell damage although the description says only physical damage.
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