arknights team build guide

Arknights : Advice to How to build your best team?

Building your powerful team in the Arknights game is very important. Team building is the deciding factor to win matches in the game. In this guide, you will get a full guide on How to build your best powerful team in Arknights game.

In Arknights, we can take up to 13 operators into each battle. and with 8 total classes and many Subclasses under each class, building a functional team is somewhat convoluted.

Before you go on a full guide on the building of the team, always keep in mind the below note.

Currently, there are 143 different types of enemies in Arknights, and the list is still growing. Every stage you will face the different combinations of enemy types, so a “best team” does not exist in Arknights. The strategy element in Arknights is big, very often you have to adjust your team accordingly to clear a stage. The general approach when going into a map blind is: start with a general team and adjust your team based on obstacles encountered.

How to build your best team?

In general. the core of a team should include the following:

  • At least 2 vanguards
  • At least 2 snipers
  • At least 2 medics
  • At least 1 defender
  • At least 1 AoE Caster

The rest of the team you can fill with whatever powerful operators you have. A team with the above combination can beat most early game maps.

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The difficulty in Arknights ramps up quickly, you will eventually run into the difficulty that requires adjustments to your team.

When going into a map blind. always check the map preview to See if you need to adjust the team. Lees 100k at an example here:

arknights team build guide

With a map like this, you can expect enemies to attack you in two lanes, vanguards, and 2 defenders to defend the 2 lanes.

What is a 3-star operator?

3-Star operators are mostly given to you for free. They can only be promoted once, so they have no late-game growth potential. This means they will become obsolete once you are I -2 month into the game

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However, 3-Star operators are significantly cheaper to raise, and their early game performance is not much different compared to the high rarity characters.

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So if you want to progress at a reasonable pace, leveling a few 3-Stars is highly recommended. The resource you spent on them is very insignificant. and most of them have good Base Production skills, so they become great base workers after retiring from battle.

Best 3 Star Operator
Steward  Steward is the best 3-star operator in terms of performance. He has the special ability to prioritize the highest armor enemy, which makes him perform better than Amiya at taking out heavy armor enemies. His base Skill is also top tier. highly recommended.
Melantha Melantha has amazing stats for a 3-star. She is useful in various early game stages to take out important targets. Plus it is super easy to get her from the free summon, so you can get her cost down very early. Top tier performance at an extremely cheap price.
Lave  Lave is not a good operator at all. However, if you got extremely unlucky and didn’t pull any AOE Caster (happened to me twice), she is the only one you can rely on in the early game.
Kroos Out of the 3 Free Snipers given to you. Kroos has the best early game DPS. She is definitely worth maxing out even if you get another high rarity sniper Since you need 2

Noir Come is a 2-Star defender, so you can only level him to 30. Even with such low stats, a super low-cost unit that can block 3 enemies is extremely good in the early game. Spend a bit of EXP on this dude, he is just amazing.

Arknights : Things that you need to know early!

Plume is a retreat type vanguard that refunds all DP used when you retreat her. She can help you reach a lot of the early game stats check at a much lower cost. Very important if you want to progress fast early.

Fang is the lowest DP cost vanguard you can get in the early game. Her reduced cost does matter in a few maps if you want to clear them early. Plus her base skills are top tier, totally worth the resource.

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