AREA F2 Guide: Best Tips & Tricks for win every battle!

If you are playing battle royale game then I strongly recommend you try to AREA F2 once in your life. The Area F2 is a brand new action Battlrroyale game by Qookka games

The game is very familiar with COD mobile. But there are many such differences that make this game much different. There are many new strategies in this game that help you win every battle in the area f2 game. I personally play this game a lot and learn many more new things from this game.

Now, I am going to giving my personal tips & tricks for Area F2 game.

First of all, I recommend every new player of Area F2 game, Play tutorials before start actual your game. Because playing tutorials will give you the overall basics of the game and little bit of experience & decent gold as well. So playing tutorial is very my little tip for every newbie player of the AREA F2 game.

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AREA F2 Best Guide & Tips for win every battle!

Use Camera to find enemy situation

The cameras can be accessed by any player on the defending team by simply pressing the monitor button. This will give you access to all the cameras on the map, including the ones on the outside of the building.

AREA F2 guide

Use Camera to find enemy situation

You can use these cameras to get an idea of where and how the enemy will breach the building. Also, on top of that if you scan while an enemy is within sight of that specific camera, it will place a tracking mark on them. That lasts for a few seconds letting your teammates know the enemy’s positions.

On the flip side, if you are an attacker then it’s a really good idea to take those cameras out, when you see them because the less information the other team has the better.

Use UAV to finding of location of attacking side

If you are attackers you also have a camera at your disposal your UAV.however the UAV isn’t just useful for finding out the location of the attack site and to scan enemy positions. Somewhere to how the defending team doesn’t, but you can also position your UAV, wherever you need it and gain access to it whenever you want during the match.

As well all of your teammates have access to your UAV during the match. So after your scouting, the position of the enemy team, find a good place to hide the UAV. That can give you the most information you can use before the preparation timer runs out. Then you can switch to your UAVs vision and get an idea of what’s happening in the enemy’s base.

If you defending players, it is a really good idea to keep an eye out for those UAVs. Not only to destroy them before they spot the defending location but also so they don’t get a set of eyes on your team and the specific strategies that you’re using.

You can still help you teammate after your killed

If you happen to get killed during a match, that doesn’t mean you are completely out. You can still provide your teammates with valuable information by taking control of available cameras and UAVs.

Try to give continuing to scout out enemy positions, scanning them as frequently as possible to give your surviving teammates as much information on those positions as you can.

So just because you’ve died during the match does not mean that you’re out of the fight.

Use Barbed wire wisely

I’ve noticed a lot of people not using Barbed wire correctly. Keep in mind that Barbed wire has two functions.

  1. One is to slow down enemy units and their UAVs to possibly take them out.
  2. To be a sound alert for when enemy players walkthrough.
AREA F2 guide

Use Barbed wire wisely

I have seen a lot of players placing barbed wire at the bottom of barricaded doors. And sure that can slow down the enemy’s UAV for a short time. So you can take them out. But if it’s placed by the door of the target room, then most likely the UAVs have already spotted your location without even having to enter the room itself.

So the best places to put them would be at choke points like stairs and unprotected rooms to act as a sound notification for enemy movement.

It is not a good idea to barricade yourself into a single room

Yes, it is not a good idea to barricade yourself into a single room. there have been multiple matches and which teams have barricaded their entire team into a single room at that point you are basically fish in a barrel and prone to grenades and enemies who have an opportunity to attack from multiple angles.

It’s best to barricade yourself into two rooms. Also, leaving an opening between them that you can move around. It also gives you the Operatunity to move around, reposition yourself and make it so it’s harder for the enemy to spot you. You can cover more ground giving the enemy less intel on your team’s location and gives you access to more angles of attack.

Make sure you have equipped right sight on your weapons

When you’re selecting your loadout, there’s actually an option that you can choose what kind of sight you want equipped to your gun.

AREA F2 guide

Make sure you have equipped right sight on your weapons

I only mention it because certain sights can be more useful in certain situations and locations. Plus there may be a certain type of sight that fits your playstyle a little bit better, Whether that be a high-performance sight for quick burst fire or a large open sight for accuracy or even no sight at all if you prefer to hit fire.

Every agent and every player has access to two reinforcement plates

Every agent and every player has access to two metal barricade deployments. They’re used to strengthen weaker walls that enemies can fire through. Plus they are also required for the lightening agent to deploy his shocking ability.

AREA F2 guide

Every agent and every player has access to two reinforcement plates


As well if you want to know, if a wall is barricaded on the other side you will notice X marks indicating. That it’s been barricaded and if you do come across a barricaded wall and are playing as volcano he’s the only agent that has an ability called thermite that allows him to break through and destroy those specific walls.No other agent and no other explosives can do that.

Frequently change your position

Always think about what your enemy knows. if they just saw a wall get blown down well most likely they’re gonna be pointing their guns directly at it.

If you just shot through a doorway well,  there’s a good chance that they’re probably expecting you to come through. It always think ahead about where you are and where your enemies think you are.

It’s better to have your enemies think they know where you are, then to have them actually know where you are.

Listen incoming carefully & react wisely

The sound is incredibly important in this game. By listening and paying attention to where sounds come from. Not only can it be the difference between an enemy coming up from behind you and taking you out, but to also help you save time in searching buildings or the defending location.

For example,  if you aren’t on the attacking team and are using your UAV to scout for the target location. You don’t want to waste your time searching empty locations. You have to make sure your UAV is in position later in the match to provide your teammates with information.

So if you are approaching a location to scout and you don’t hear any footsteps or barricades being put up well, then don’t waste your time moving your UAV into that room. Just to find out that it’s empty move on and save yourself some.

So this is just Area F2 guide & tips & tricks. Share this with your Area F2 players and give them amazing tips.

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