Area F2 Gold Guide: How to get more gold in the game?

In the Area F2 game, Gold is one most important resource. Having a lot of gold makes your game easier. However, farming of gold is also very difficult in the Area F2 game. So in this guide, you will get a few different ways that help you and direct you to how to farm more gold in Area F2.

Best way to get more gold in the Area F2

As you know that gold is quite difficult to get in the area f2 game. You will get 100 to 150 gold per match as average. Also, each match is around 10 to 15 minutes. So it is very harder to get in the area f2. However, there are a few ways that definitely help a lot to earn gold in this game.

Below a list of a few ways that help to get more gold. Check out all way. If you have any other secret way then drop your comment on the comment box.

Watch ads & get 500 gold

I think this is one easy way to get gold in the area f2. However, I have noticed that sometimes after viewed ads, I had not got any gold. So maybe there is a bugs issue. But watching ads & get 500 gold is one pretty deal. Especially, It is a fast way.

So I suggest every new player, Watch ads and get 500 gold per ad. Keep in mind every ad may not give you gold. Because I had a problem. But you can try it.

Participate in each event

The event is the second-best way to get more gold in the game.

Rookie 7day pack: This event will give you total of 1000 gold. On first day, automatically you will get 500 gold. And on next fourth day, You will get another 500 gold.

Area F2 Gold Guide

Participate in each event

Free Supply: In the free supply, You have to need to log in to the game on a specific time. The time will display on your screen. Different players may have different login time. But you will get 200 gold from there,

Vanguard OPS: This event will give a token. However, to get this token, you have to need to do specific tasks in the game. By token, you can redeem gold from the redeem option.

Recruitment: This is one amazing way to get more gold. You will get one Recruitment code. Using this code, you can invite your friend in area f2 game. But you can do it on your device also. Just login as guest account and input your code.

Do you daily missions

The daily mission is one cool way to get gold every day. Do daily mission daily base. There are number of missions you will get every day. You have to need to do those. Also, You can get gold from the Progress mission as well.

Area F2 Gold Guide

Do you daily missions

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