AFK Arena: Best 8 Tips – You Need to Known

Check out Best 10 tips for AFK Arena. These all are helpful in fast progress and battle in the game. Check our Top 10 Tips for AFK Arena game.

All these tips are based on my AFK Arena game playing. These tips I have learned from playing gaming. So I recommend you to keep in mind these all tips whenever you playing AFK Arena. These all help you progress better and faster in the game.

AFK Arena: Best 8 Tips – You Need to Known

Don’t Waste Diamond to buy gears at Beginning

Most of the new players are staring spending diamonds at the beginning of the game. But after progress more in the game, they are facing problems to get heroes.

Because I have seen many players who spend a lot of diamonds on gears. But I recommend new players that don’t waste diamond on gears. Just save your diamond and collect it all. Because when will reach a high level, these diamonds will help you to unlock new heroes and upgrade them. So save and collect as you can.

Complete All Quest in The Game

In this game, you will get a lot of quests. By complete this quest, you will get rewards in the game. So I suggest all players, focus on complete quest missions and get maximum rewards as you can.

afk arena best tips
Complete All Quest in The Game

Daily Buy Hero Essence with Gold

Hero Essence is very useful to enhance your heroes. At the beginning of the game, you will get a huge amount of this. But as you progress more in the game, the amount of hero essence will decrease.


afk arena best tips
Daily Buy Hero Essence with Gold

So, I strongly recommend to every player, never miss to collect hero essence from the beginning of the game. Also at the beginning, you will get a lot of gold from it.

Never Miss Reroll at Starting of The Game

Yes, As you know every gacha game proving reroll features to players. Using reroll, they will get the best heroes and diamonds- gold at starting of the game. So never miss rerolling.

Never Focus on Healer & Tank upgrade at Beginning

According to my opinion, I found this to be extremely useful. Whenever you’re leveling up your characters and you’re deciding who to put all that experience into!  I really think that you need to focus more on the DPS that your backline. Then the tanks which will hold themselves down pretty well. Especially if you have a few tanks in particular like Lucius.

Never shoot on Who Out of Arena Players

This is a pretty big thing for optimizing your diamond output and your rank in the arena. You’re gonna want to get obviously as high of an arena score as possible each day. So that way you get as many diamonds as you can consistently.

In order to do this, really you’re gonna be dropping down. If you hit, you take a loss so. If you challenge someone that you’re not sure about winning against, you’re gonna end up going down. You’re better off challenging someone that is weaker than you that you know.

Always Helps Your Friends in The Game

I should say another cool thing about this game is that a friend points. Join a guild and invite your friends to your guild. If well known in this game, you are summoned. So whenever you invite a friend, he also works as summon in the game. So you will get a friend point in the game. so that way you can try to maximize the number of friend points.

Close Game Forcefully

This is probably the most important thing that I found. If you see a match going wrong, what you want to do is. You’re just gonna force close right out of the app and they’re gonna start it back up. And that will actually reset all of the errors that you just made in that match. It’ll start it back up as if you never even hit that level.

So this is very useful to optimize your game strategy in the AFK Arena. I used this many time in the game.

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